After questioning viewers to tape pranks on their unsuspecting children, the alphabet host has a contempt controversial viral hit ~ above his hands.

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Writes THR's Tim Goodman: "He's adjusted the late-night game by stressing videotaped bits, and in almost the same means musical acts desire to be on v Fallon, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s" skits attract A-list actors who know their hip element goes up once they obtain in ~ above the joke.

Harper Smith/ABC
Jimmy Kimmel was all over the web this week.

The so late night hold packaged a highlight reel for his ABC present after soliciting viewers to tape your children’s reactions to unwanted Christmas presents — prefer half-eaten sandwiches and also cans that beans.

Within 4 days the hitting YouTube, the clip boasts end 4 million views, however a few people seem come be upset by the distraught children.

Some children burst into tears, rather throw your presents throughout the room and also one specifically sour recipient speak his parents he hates them.

But is it, as some placed it, abuse? The overwhelming number reaction to the clip room positive, but there are several warnings of possible “psychological harm” inflicted by play jokes on children.

Watch the clip below, and weigh in.

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