Jimmy Fallon’s emotional go back to The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon contained a surprised appearance through none various other than Taylor Swift.

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Following a relocating statement around the fatality of his mother, Fallon kicked turn off Monday’s Tonight Show with a one-of-a-kind appearance through Swift, that performed the reputation track “Ncouchsurfingcook.com Year’s Day” because that the first time on live television. (Swift debuted the song throughout last week’s TGIT programming block top top ABC.)

Swift, who performed two tracks off her hit album on NBC’s Saturday Night Live end the weekend, played “Ncouchsurfingcook.com Year’s Day” while seated behind a piano and also flanked through a tiny group of back-up singers. The song’s lyrics proved appropriate to Fallon’s emotionally return, specifically this line: “You squeeze my hand three times in the earlier of the taxi / I have the right to tell the it’s gonna be a long road / I’ll be over there if you’re the toast of the town, babe / Or if you strike out and you’re crawling home.”

During his tribute, Fallon recalled exactly how his mother would squeeze his hand 3 times to represent “I love you.”

On Twitter, Tonight Show producer Mike DiCenzo defined how Swift’s appearance pertained to pass and what the text to “Ncouchsurfingcook.com Year’s Day” expected to Fallon.

“She to be not reserved to perform our display today. But we want something unique for this very first show back, so us asked her on a finish whim, due to the fact that she had been in town act SNL. She stated yes with zero hesitation,” DiCenzo wrote. “She sang ‘Ncouchsurfingcook.com Year’s Day.’ No one had actually heard it. Unexpectedly she sings the line, ‘Squeeze my hand 3 times in the back of the taxi.’ I nearly gasped. Tears. Ns think anyone in the audience began sobbing. I could see Jimmy silhouetted in ~ his desk dabbing his eyes with a tissue. We all shed it. It was a beautiful coincidence in a beautiful performance. ‘Hold top top to your memories, they will hold on come you,’ Taylor sang.”

He added, “That hug between Jimmy and also Taylor after the song was 100% genuine emotion. Everything you think that Taylor, she go something beautiful because that Jimmy and also our show today, and we’re forever grateful.”

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The Roots’ drummer Questlove additionally commented ~ above the “Ncouchsurfingcook.com Year’s Day” lyrics and also Swift’s appearance.