Congrats are in order! Southern Charm alum Jennifer Snowden is getting married! The fact star, 38, common multiple photos v longtime friend Lee James via Instagram on Saturday, might 23.

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“WE’RE getting MARRIED!!!” she captioned a series of photos the display James, 47, down on one knee in Sullivan’s Island, south Carolina. The couple, that share 3-year-old child Ascher, appear to be in ~ some sort of art shop. They additionally posed in former of a drawing of a man proposing.


southern Charm Alum Jennifer Snowdon and also Lee. Courtesy Jennifer Snowdon/Instagram (2)

She also added a picture of herself showing off her gorgeous diamond ring. “Here’s mine ring coupled v my tape that’s grounding on my finger,” she wrote. “PS: ns am no hand design so plz excuse mine ugly spring fingers.”

Snowden appeared on three periods of Southern Charm, then opened her own apparel store in 2017 after leaving the reality show. The store, James Ascher, is named after she son, that was diagnosed through a brain encephalocele months before his birth.


Jennifer Snowdon’s engagement ring. Courtesy Jennifer Snowdon/Instagram (2)

“Honestly at this point, after every little thing I’ve gone through, yes sir not lot that i’m afraid of anymore,” she called the Daily Mail in 2017. “I’m proud of myself and proud of Ascher. ~ I got the news, I’d pray every night and also I’d talk to mine baby and tell that to be strong. I’d tell the you deserve to rewrite what’s an alleged to it is in a negative history.”

She offered birth weeks at an early stage via c-section, but her baby was ok — and also that was all the mattered.

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“I couldn’t hold him for 2 days, i couldn’t also see him properly because I can not stand and also his crib in the Neonatal Intensive care Unit was as well high for me come look into fully,” she revealed at the time. “But he was just in there for five days. Ns remember walking to see him that an initial time and also looking around and thinking that he was the healthiest infant in there. The others were fighting for your lives. He was just on a respirator while coming turn off anesthetics and also on a feeding tube briefly.”

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