More than 20 work after her death in a plane crash in north Mexico, the stays of singer and also bilingual tv star Jenni Rivera were quiet laid to rest Monday in ~ a personal funeral held by her family members in she hometown of lengthy Beach.

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The business was held at every Souls Cemetary and also Mortuary, whereby her remains have been housed because Rivera’s brothers Lupillo brought them ago from Mexico v him in mid-December. The burial comes much more than a main after a live-streamed windy memorial was organized in Los Angeles ~ above December 19 where more than 6 thousand fans crowded in and also around the Gibson Amphitheatre come pay their respects come the mujer far better known together La Diva de la Banda.

Rivera died along with six others on December 9 when her private Learjet sleep dived indigenous 28,000 feet quickly after taking off native the airport in Monterrey and crashed right into the hills in adjacent Iturbide. The crash website was defined as gruesome as lot of the aircraft and its materials disintegrated upon impact, preventing an intact body to it is in verified and leading fans and also family members to believe for days the Rivera was still alive. The media hype that surrounded the plane crash, the check of Rivera’s death or the public memorial was no to be discovered during her personal burial, organized on brand-new Year’s Eve.

Rivera’s dad told Mexico’s El Nacional that the funeral was delayed because that legal reasons, however did not elaborate. The family likewise announced plans to release Rivera’s first-ever English album, i m sorry was taped in 2004 but not released due to the fact that Rivera claimed she first wanted to earn success in the Spanish-language music world. Supposed to struggle shelves in the next few months, household members say the releasing the English-language album will fulfill a dream that Rivera’s–to top English pop charts. Her acting debut in the independent movie Filly Brown will also premiere in April.

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