After years of surprising fans of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” v their challenge winnings, Westchester indigenous Jeannie Klisiewicz to be shocked once DeGeneres surprised her v a Ford EcoSport and an audience seat dedicated in her surname to celebrate she 10th anniversary functioning for the show.

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“This is not what I meant for mine life. I thought I would be a teacher, and that would have been a exorbitant life. This was never ever the journey the I had planned, and also the reality that the is my journey and it is mine story is overwhelming in the ideal of ways,” Klisiewicz called the Tribune by phone after the segment aired this week.

Klisiewicz recalls planning her college of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign schedule roughly “Ellen,” wearing “Ellen” pajamas and also constantly writing to producers. She had recently graduated through an elementary education degree and also was on she parents’ street Grove porch 10 years back when she obtained a speak to from DeGeneres that changed her life.

“So you’ve gotten in every contest and also you’ve never won one contest?” DeGeneres asked Klisiewicz. “Do you recognize why ns calling you? come tell friend you still have not won anything. Nothing. … What do you need?”

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and also so Klisiewicz headed to California and also taped a red-carpet segment, which eventually led come a correspondent project that has permitted her come criss-cross the country to provide away cars, large checks and also tickets to significant sporting events.

As part of this sweepstakes, Klisiewicz has had actually the possibility to share some an extremely emotional moments through “Ellen” fans. Among her favorites was a reunion of long-lost brother featured top top an episode of “Life’s First-Evers with Jeannie,” a new digital collection with Ford.

Klisiewicz, 31, has had her re-publishing of surprises together well. DeGeneres, who Klisiewicz considers come be her mentor, got her a dream walk-on role in the Broadway production of “Wicked” in 2015.

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DeGeneres surprised Klisiewicz through the Ford EcoSport and also the audience chair by having Klisiewicz shot to surprise a woman that turned the end to it is in an actress in ~ above the gag. Klisiewicz to be the one who was stunned when DeGeneres invite her top top stage.

“When she revealed the seat, the was therefore emotional due to the fact that I remember sit on mine couch in college and watching audience members sit in those seats and also all ns really want was to be able to sit in castle too,” Klisiewicz said. “And now the fact that among them has actually my name on that is unreal. It sound so goofy because it’s a plaque ~ above a seat, yet it means more come me 보다 I have the right to express.”

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“I don"t know what the future holds. I hope that I"m act something whereby I’m able come give earlier just favor I to be here. Ns am among those people, I"m a certain believer that occasionally in life you need to stand still and look approximately at all the blessings that you have,” she said. “And this show and also the people that i’m with and this job is the biggest blessing. I"m just so proud to be here.”


A chair in the "Ellen" audience is dedicated to Westchester indigenous Jeannie Klisiewicz. (Warner Bros, / Handout)
A brand-new play caller, a far better game plan and also an boosted Justin Fields. Brad Biggs’ 10 think on the Chicago Bears’ 24-14 success over the Detroit Lions in week 4.

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