Profession: Models
Date of birth: Feb 06, 1990
Age: 31
Net worth: 2 hundreds Thousand
Birth Place: l A, CA
height (m): 1.42
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: single

JC Mounduix, yes friend are ideal he is a contestant of ‘Big Brother’, 20th season in America. The is the shortest contestant in terms of his height having 4 feet 8 inches as well as a controversial houseguest. He had frequently played both sides between Level Six and also the Riva Foutte alliance. In the show, he was specifically close v the housemate Faysal Shafaat and Tyler Crispen, he was also able come manipulate the many of houseguest.

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Also, that did plenty of controversial points in the show that aided him come earn huge viewers. However, he made the 78 job without being nominated yet ultimately obtained his an initial nomination top top the 86th day. Additionally, he is a skilled dancer and choreographer hails from Miami. Let us scroll end to know more about his an individual as fine as skilled life.


Caption: JC Mounduix, the huge Brother contestant (American season 20).Source: day-to-day Mail

JC Mounduix: Bio, Family, Career

He was born together ‘Joseph Charles Monduy’ top top 6 February 1990, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Therefore, together of 2020, his period is Thirty years old. He further has no revealed information around his parents and siblings in the media. Yet he once said the he was born come Spanish parents and belongs come American ethnicity.

He is best known for being among the contestants in America large Brother season 20. The season premiered top top 27 June 2018 ~ above CBS which received many controversies and also criticisms transparent the season. Kaycee Clark was the winner of big Brother adhered to by the an initial runner up Tyler Crispen and also Jc put in the third. About his career, that is a professional dancer and also a fitness freak as seen in his social media platforms.

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Additionally, the reality television star additionally works together a model and had worked with numerous fashion brands and companies. That has also appeared wade the ramps and featured in music videos as well.