Former world No. 1 Jason Day and his wife, Ellie, announced the catastrophic news they have suffered a miscarriage.

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The couple was expecting their 3rd child prior to the heartbreaking loss. They currently have a child Dash, 5, and also Lucy, 2.

Ellie, who was 4 months pregnant, revealed top top Instagram alongside a photo of her cuddling Lucy.

“Hey all. It’s been a minute, however it’s taken me some time to get up the courage to short article this,” she wrote. “I’ve prayed around this bc i think that matters and also I don’t take it it lightly that I have a platform, albeit small, come share mine heart. ~ above Thanksgiving I shed the baby. At first I felt complete despair. And also then I observed the baby. Completely intact. Small perfect head and face and arms and legs.

“When I observed it i felt God so lot I can’t define it. Ns felt seen and also known. I felt for this reason guilty because that wondering if this baby was yes, really in sky before. This was a perfectly well-thought out, valuable life formed in my belly, and it most certainly went directly to the arms of Jesus. Ns was therefore thankful. He offered me a peace and joy in the middle of the sadness. Men we space SO incredibly and beautifully created.

Jason and also Ellie with their two children.Getty Images

“For some factor this baby wasn’t intended to it is in physically right here with our family. However I know there is a better plan. I have actually so much peace and also gratitude because that what I already have…I recognize I am SO lucky to currently have Dash and also Lucy. It simply feels favor this weird scar now…this vast change in plans…wondering what the Lord has actually for me. Will certainly I have the ability to have an additional baby? will certainly this take place again? will certainly I be fearful the totality pregnancy following time?”

Ellie also urged her followers who have been unfortunate enough to have experienced a similar loss to speak to someone around the issue.

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“I know for a truth that countless of you have actually gone through this and also obviously countless have gone with or are going through lot worse,” Ellie said. “My love goes the end to you in a way I can not have fathomed before. No one talks about this… we’re normally so worried to also share we’re pregnant till a specific point. And also then we just grieve in quiet and also it’s simply kind of weird and really sad.”

It has been a hard year for the 30-year-old golfer. He i was withdrawn from the Dell Technologies complement Play after 6 holes in March to be through his mommy after she underwent surgery for lung cancer.