A cult phenomenom, Rocky Horror Picture Show is an incredibly fun and outrageous movie, play, and all about good time. One point that really renders it fun is dressing up like personalities from the movie. That"s right! If you were ever before in search of a fun night out, attfinishing Rocky Horror dressed up as Dr Frank N. Furter, Magenta, Janet, or any of the various other personalities is the way to go!

Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Dr. Frank-N-Furter appears throughout most of Rocky Horror Picture Show wearing an all black outfit consisting of a corcollection, panties, a garter belt with thigh high stocemperors, and also a pearl necklace. Near the beginning of the movie he wears a babsence cape as well.

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Easiest Frank costume: Tright here is no simpler Frank outfit than what he wears in the lab as soon as he axes Eddie. What you"ll require is costume makeup, a huge "pearl" necklace (big white beads will certainly job-related simply fine), black platcreate sandals, pink dish washing gloves, black fishnet stocqueens, a wig and a green surgeon"s gown through a red triangle on the left breastern. As an included effect, you can decoprice the surgeon"s gvery own via some blood splatters for that just-killed-Eddie look.





Columbia appears in numerous various outfits during the movie. She initially appears in a sequined costume as she tap dances throughout the floor throughout the Time Warp. Next off, she covers her costume with an apron and wears a face mask up in the laboratory. Finally, Columbia shows up in the floor display wearing a corset and also stocmonarchs, equivalent to Frank"s.

The most basic Columbia look: Throughout the performance of "Toucha Toucha Touch Me," while hanging out through Magenta and also spying on Janet and also Rocky, Columbia is in vertical-striped blue and also white men"s pajamas, open-toe black heeled shoes, via all her makeup is removed with the exemption of lipstick, and also she"s wearing Mickey Mouse ears on her head (minus the logo). If you want to be really authentic, you might go braless and area a couple of strategic rips in the PJ"s, yet that"s as much as you.

Riff Raff

Riff Raff spends the movie wearing a type of butler"s outfit. Long black pants, a babsence jacket, and a white shirt. At the finish of the movie he dons a futuristic spaceman type outfit.


Magenta is the maid of the castle. She wears a black dress through a tiny white apron over it and also a little white hat. At the end of the movie she puts on a spaceguy costume that matches Riff Raff"s.


Janet starts the movie dressed in a dapper little suit consisting of a white sweater over a pink dress and through a sophisticated hat. At the finish of the movie, Janet together with many type of other characters, is dressed in a corcollection and thigh-highs that enhance Dr. Frank-N-Furter"s.

Easiest Janet costume: Janet enables you the option of going in straightforward underwear: white bra, white panties, white slip, purse, and skin-toned stocqueens, but aobtain, some human being favor more cover. So other considerations incorporate the lab coat look in the development scene, the bedroom robe, or wearing an oarray sheet in a towel-prefer fashion, like Janet hiding her shame when she"s discovered with Rocky by Frank, Brad and also Doctor Scott.


While the choice of going in white briefs, socks, a watch and glasses is a pretty easy one for Brad, if you"d choose even more cover, you deserve to opt for a white knee-size lab coat as seen in the lab scene wbelow Frank reveals Rocky, or you can wear a light blue satin robe like the one thrown at Brad once he"s resulted in the bedroom. Keep on your socks, glasses, watch and underwear regardmuch less of which of the 3 looks you choose.


Rocky has among the most basic costumes, he wears a pair of itty bitty gold shorts. If you want to go as a more modest Rocky, you can go as Rocky before they removed the banderas or you have the right to go through your bottom fifty percent covered by an ovariety sheet. If you carry out decide to go in the undies, use padding so everyone does not need to view your "devices." Female Rockys should use an unpincluded, underwire nude bra to proccasion any kind of breastern escapes.

Transylvanian Costumes

The Transylvanians" outfits are all based upon tuxedos, yet each Transylvanian adds her or his own touches. Colorful sashes, funny little bit hats, sophisticated sunglasses, they"re all fun and also bideal.

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What About You...If you went to view Rocky Horror Picture Sjust how who would certainly you dress up as?

Dr Frank N. FurterColumbiaMagentaRiff RaffJanetBradRockyEddieDoctor ScottTransylvanianA mixtureMyself

For additional sources to make your outfit just right, visit Anal Retentive Rocky Horror. Oh, and do not forget the hair. A quick Google Shopping search will help you find the wigs to finish any kind of of the characters" looks.