Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 21 Review: Chapter Twenty-One

In addition to all the baby planning, Jane still had the looming threat of full custody in the back of her mind. But, of course, Petra wanted any way to push Jane and Rafael further apart and that meant flaunting her mother around the hotel when Jane was around. Low blow, Petra. 

Whatever it is, Petra"s mother just awoke, as Jane put it, the "huge bitch" inside Petra. Even when it looked like Petra was doing the right thing by talking to Jane and making her mom turn herself in, she always had an ulterior motive. The motive was always Rafael. 

Of all the plausible exes reuniting, Petra and Rafael seem the furthest possible choice. Whoever it was that Petra married is not the Rafael we know today. 

As for Xo and Rogelio, the thing keeping them apart is their equal stubbornness, but I"m glad they are still working together peacefully. More importantly, it was nice that Xo stepped in to help Rogelio with his fear of heights. Nothing was funnier than seeing Rogelio hold onto Xo for dear life as they slowly rose on dance platform. The pure terror on Rogelio"s face was hilarious to watch.

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Rogelio: I"m not afraid of anything, except acne and leprechauns. Xo: Leprechauns aren"t real.Rogelio: I know what I saw!

Jane"s high school reunion felt disconnected from the overall story, but there were some enjoyable pieces that made watching more enjoyable. The best? Jane"s name tag commentary that acted as her inner thoughts. I certainly don"t have the stresses that Jane had at her reunion, but I can"t help but relate considering I am also a member of the class of 2010. 

Now for the Rafael and Michael debacle. It is a heated debate that I clearly had chosen a side to: Rafael. However, it is so nice to see the close relationship that Michael and Jane clearly have. I don"t think I have ever flip-flopped this much between two love interests in a single episode. 

The most telling of Jane and Michael"s re-connection was Jane"s heart glowing when they talked just as it did with Rafael in Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 6. But, even with Jane"s heart healing over the Rafael breakup and this rediscovered connection with Michael, Jane felt the right decision was to be friends. 

With the exception of Rafael and Petra, Jane the Virgin is a good example of healthy ex relationships. 

Even if I can"t stick to a favorite, Xo certainly has. Xo loves Michael and has never kept that a secret. She even took that into her own hands when she ignored a call on Jane"s phone from Rafael just as he got some sense knocked into him. Was it the best decision? No, but Xo was using that parent card. I"m just curious what Rafael would"ve said to Jane or even on the voicemail.

Next week, the baby arrives on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 22. Will it be a boy or girl? Is there an even bigger twist coming?

What did you think of this week"s Jane the Virgin? Let us know in the comments below.

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