The realities that childrearing impact Jane and Rafael, if Xo and also Rogelio face a challenge of their own.

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Ah, love. All-consuming, passionate love has actually inspired art because the beginning of time. (Archeologists have yet to discover heart-shaped cavern scribblings, but I’m certain that will certainly happen any kind of day now.) My suggest is, the quest of love is often depicted, yet the act—the real, hard work—of it, much less so. The latter detailed plenty of fodder for “Chapter 17,” together we witnessed plots unfold the were motivated by the drama, challenges, and also frustrations the bubble up to the surface only after you’ve discovered that distinct person.

It all seems so abstract and impossible (how could a made-for-TV character find herself much less than perfect in love?) till it played the end in a scenario the is probably acquainted to countless parents: appropriate in the infant aisle in Target. Together Jane cruised the aisles debating pacifiers, she referred to as up someone because that advice. Not abuelita, not her mom, however Rafael, who’s skipped the registry session in donate of some time in the office together he to plan a feather break bash at the Marbella. “I’m good with whatever you pick,” the says. And also though jane has carried her BFF through her for moral support, it’s clear that Jane will require much much more than Rafael’s an excellent intentions together she begins to navigate the human being of breastfeeding, baby wraps, and also sleep schedules. That becomes even clearer once Jane—on the suggestion of a mother she became fast friends through while shopping for baby assets at Target—attends a lactation session v Xo in tow. Despite Xo’s warning to not panic—after all, we learn, Xo didn’t specifically rear jane by the book—Jane later goes down the net rabbit hole, whereby acronyms prefer DD, SAHM, and CIO ~ above the Milky Madres forum (a clever play on the Leche league by Jane writers) whips her into a panic.

It’s then that Jane’s daughter arrives. Jane doesn’t actually go into labor—my guess is creator Jennie Snyder Urman is saving that because that the finale—but a cute six-year-old appears, a figment that Jane’s wild imagination, i beg your pardon serves together a hint come come. However the small girl is much less a dream and much more a nightmare, and also throws a hairbrush in ~ Jane together she says, “You’re a devastating mom. I dislike you.” Is this what motherhood is? confound choices around childcare that make you run the risk of damaging your relationship with her kids?

If Alba and also Xo’s connection is any indication, 보다 it is. The pair haven’t talked since Xo moved into a McMansion with Rogelio and also they’re every smarting over the split. (Though they’re too stubborn to recognize it.) neither of them wants to move on and also it’s precious noting the while Xo has actually drifted apart from she mother, Rogelio’s getting cozy in another relationship. That’s right—his friendship v Michael has bloomed into a full-blown bromance, which Jane says isn’t healthy. “He needs to relocate on,” she tells Rogelio. “I’ll speak to the later,” replies Rogelio. “When we gain mani-pedis.”

Over foot rubs, Rogelio speak to Michael—but not about distancing self from the family. Instead, the invites Michael to companion him and Xo come Rafael’s huge blowout in ~ the Marbella so as to meet who After ~ all, despite he’s a proud member the #TeamMichael, Rogelio is steady #TeamJane. “Move on,” he tells Michael.

Jane’s also doing her best to move on after ~ freaking out about her future through a baby and decides to assist her writing club friend Andie (Rachel DiPillo) babysit. These two have come to be fast friends, and also while Andi has actually waxed poetic about her ex, Jane has never as soon as thought around the opportunity that she and also Andie might share an ext than a love because that fruit salads, signs, and also romance novels. Therefore why wouldn’t she market to babysit when Andie tries come hammer far at she novel? and also in that vein, why wouldn’t woman encourage her to text her ex? (“Hey!”)

I don’t know about you, however I acquired some second-hand stress watching woman take care of infant Luna. OMG! every little thing started off well once the baby was sleeping, yet when the baby woke increase in a soggy diaper, every hell broke lose. Jane was in near meltdown setting when Xo go in and also suggested she swaddle the baby, which helped put an end to Luna’s tears. It to be a victory that jane would have loved to share v Rafael, but he was also busy handling the party—first with the issue of securing proper permits and than at the party itself—to dive into the perils and triumphs the parenting through Jane.

Back come what’s come to be my favorite relationship in the series: Michael and also Rogelio, who have actually dived a little bit deeper with their bromance as Rogelio confides in Michael about some trouble he’s had with Xo. All’s clear in paradise, but as they ready to walk to the party, they entered into a tiff. See, Xo was baiting Rogelio around love. What does Rogelio love? that loves hot coco with mini marshmallows, mirrors and also hair-blowing fans—and has no idea that he’s gift prodded come say three tiny words. Once he’s offered the full rundown ~ above the situation, Michael appropriately guesses the Xo really simply wants to it is in told “I love you.” It bring him back to when he an initial told mrs those words, i m sorry prompts the to open his heart as much as Rogelio. He still loves Jane and thinks his love is the sort that will certainly outlast anything that she and also Rafael have actually created.

“That’s why ns haven’t moved on,” he tells Rogelio. “I think she’s going to wake up up and realize he’s wrong because that her.”

“I think they will last, Michael,” Rogelio replies. “And ns think you have to #moveon.”

It turns out the for Michael, relocating on can be nice easy—it’s just a matter of responding come Andie’s text. Are these two going to rekindle their romance?

On the subject of romance, Rafael’s totally not in the the atmosphere after the police show up at the Marbella and revoke the hotel’s liquor patent as punishment for holding such a massive party there is no the proper permits. Rafael’s fuming and tells Jane the he really doesn’t require “any judgment appropriate now.” He’s defensive, angry and also after downing a drinks, decides come tell mrs what he feels around having seen Michael in ~ the party.

“He should have nothing to perform with ours lives, but here he is in ~ my party through your father. He’s trying to acquire you back, Jane. And you’re as well naive to realize it.”

Jane’s not having it: “I’m no naive, but you’re drunk, and I don’t want to be here anymore.” Though this two end up consisting of the following morning after—thanks in part to a reappearance through Jane’s future daughter, who tells her that children of parents that argue don’t thrive—one can’t help but feel the their reconciliation acts as a Band-Aid come some reasonably substantial issues. Rafael is tempestuous and reckless, while Jane makes it much too basic for Rafael come act very first and apples later. For these two, the words “I love you” acts as a reassurance of your picture-perfect beginning, and less of a promise of action to take.

Meanwhile, Rogelio and Xo space experiencing some cultivation pains of their own—and this is after he apologies for your tiff the night before.

“I just got it in my head I wanted you come say the first,” Xo tells Rogelio. “But what the hell. I do, ns love you.”

Um, what? It transforms out the Rogelio has only exchanged those words v his two ex-wives and also his mother. “If I’m honest, there’s one thing holding me back—the animosity the exists between you and my mother. Her approval method a lot.”

If there’s one point that we have the right to all learn from Jane, it’s the there’s different varieties of love and also sometimes the hardest to navigate is the one in between women. Jane, Alba, and Xo every love each various other dearly, yet their love is made also more challenging by your familial bond. Even so, the porch acts together a place where they every reunite and make up, which they proceed to do. Men might come and also go—and may also refuse to pick out pacifiers and also say “I love you”—but the women in this household may need one another an ext than lock do any type of other sort of love.

What makes Jane together an engaging display is just how each week, writers draw earlier layers of each character so as to reveal, surprising elements that lend themselves to curiously dramatic storylines. Situation in point: Aaron and also Petra obtained close during this episode and also though Petra was giving off signals the she to be interested in Aaron—“Are friend a strictly practitioner in every areas?” she asks of his adherence to Jainism—she leans in a bit with the backbone she’s emerged since breaking up through Rafael, and also in the process, to learn something surprising. “I don’t recognize why, i don’t know how, yet I do know that’s no Aaron,” she tells Rafael in ~ the episode’s end. “It’s Roman.” Wait, what???

Jane’s complaints about Xo to Alba concerning their difference of opinion make Alba realize the she and her daughter might have more in typical than she thought. Is this the beginning of a stage in your relationship? can be about time!The way Rafael handled the party at the Marbella deserves some special attention. Instead of concentrating on a way to work-related with local authorities to attain the license as soon as it seemed it wouldn’t come with in time, Rafael decided that he’d rather continue with the event. “We’ll save a low profile,” he told Petra. “Crowd control, no bonfires… we’re too much down to ago down.” Now, faced with a vast fine and a revoked liquor license, it seems more obvious than ever before that Rafael is reckless—and the it normally leads to significant consequences. Will certainly he ever before learn from his mistakes?While we’re top top the subject of Rafael… he’s constantly been rapid to say “I love you” come Jane. It seems that unequal Michael, or also Rogelio, Rafael hasn’t really taken the time to know the meaning of those 3 words. See, love is an ext than just a sweet, heady rush of butterflies—as “Chapter 17” proved, it’s about commitment and work of placing emotion right into action. That being the case, is Rafael really cursed to Jane?Rogelio’s mommy will beat a big part of following week’s episode as soon as she visits. Rogelio has actually made it clean to Xo that it’s necessary that she and his madre get along—something they’ve never managed to carry out in the past. Is it worth it for Xo to placed the past behind she in order to forge a future because that her and Rogelio?While ~ above the porch swing, jane reveals something serious. “What if ns don’t choose it? being a mom… every one of it? What if ns can’t take care of it?” The series isn’t fear of embracing a bit of controversy now and also then, and Jane’s confession absolutely speaks to a certain unspoken reality: that plenty of women are scared and also even entirely uncertain around their aptitude because that parenting. And also that, together we experienced from Alba’s assurance, is totally okay.Fantasy has always been Jane’s means of indulging in the rosy, idealized variation of life: We’ve checked out her fairy story dance sequences, comedic sequences, and also romance novel love scene happen since of it. But this week, her desires took a darker tone—in the type of a 6-year-old daughter—proving that periodically fantasy have the right to hint at a complex reality.

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Total sex scenes this episode: 4 (Petra and Aaron’s steamy makeout sess; Xo and also Rogelio’s nearly devouring each other’s faces; Jane and Rafael’s kisses prior to she blows him off in donate of infant prep talk and also a sweet flash back to Michael and also Jane’s relationship once he first said “I love you.”)

Jane fans, have we seen the degree of Andie’s scheming? carry out you think she and also Michael will get ago together? What about Roman—is he yes, really posing as his very own twin? Why? and also he is somehow linked to Sin Rostro? So countless questions—and a entirety week it spins we get some answers!

A telenovela adaptation, jane the Virgin speak the story of woman Villanueva, a virgin who is accidentally inseminated throughout a regime checkup.