Jamie Dornan has actually shaved his head and also will no much longer be watched sporting the same haircut together he does while playing Christian Grey on screen.

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Actor Jamie Dornan has shaved his head and also will no longer be checked out sporting the exact same haircut as he go while play Christian Grey top top screen. The Fifty Shades that Grey star was virtually unrecognisable once he stepped the end of the Los Angeles worldwide airport (LAX) over the weekend through an entirely new look, reported human being magazine.

Dornan traded his much longer strands for a buzz cut, in addition to sporting a beard slightly fuller than the five o’ clock shadow that goes v his character in the movie. Prior to this haircut, the actor previously had long, scruffy waves and full beard.

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But the actor had actually chopped his bangs to go for a cleaner execute for the promo of his latest film, “Fifty Shades Darker”. Dornan will reprise his function in the film, alongside actress Dakota Johnson, which is slated for relax on February 10.

Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, join Ellen top top Tuesday, and they discussed the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and the repercussions it’s had actually on society. The main an effect was the noticeable bump in pregnancies ~ the release of the first movie. Now, through the upcoming relax of the second film, Fifty Shades Darker, and also the third due early on next year, it’s safe to speak there room going to it is in a many babies being born end the next couple of years.

When DeGeneres first brought increase this phenomenon, Dornan admitted the there may have been a few extra deliveries adhering to the relax of Fifty Shades the Grey in 2015. In fact, he’d also had an encounter in one elevator with a woman that told him she’d end up being pregnant shortly after the release of the film.

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