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Over the food of his lengthy career, James Taylor has actually earned 40 gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards and 5 Grammy Awards for a magazine running from 1970"s Sweet infant James to his Grammy Award-winning efforts Hourglass (1997) and October roadway (2002). Taylor"s very first Greatest access time album earned the the RIAA"s elite Diamond Award, given for sales in excess of 10 million devices in the united States. For his accomplishments, James to be honored through the 1998 Century Award, Billboard magazine"s greatest accolade, bestowed because that distinguished creative achievement. The year 2000 witnessed his induction right into both the rock "n" role Hall that Fame and also the prestigious Songwriter"s hall of Fame. In February 2006, The nationwide Academy of record Arts and Sciences selected James that MUSICARES human of the Year.

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Raised in north Carolina, James currently lives in western Massachusetts. He has sold some 40 million albums transparent his career, i m sorry began back in 1968 once he to be signed come the Beatles" apple Records. The album James Taylor was his an initial and only solo effort for Apple, which came a year ~ his an initial working suffer with Danny Kortchmar and the tape Flying Machine. It was only a issue of time prior to he would certainly make his mark.

Above all, there space the songs: "Fire and also Rain," "Country Road," "Something in The way She Moves," "Mexico," "Shower The People," "Your smiling Face," "Carolina In my Mind," "Sweet baby James," "Don"t let Me it is in Lonely Tonight," "You have the right to Close her Eyes," "Walking Man," "Never dice Young," "Shed A small Light," "Copperline" and also many more. Taylor"s songs have had actually a profound affect on both songwriters and music lover of every generations and also from all walks of life.

As a recording and also touring artist, James set a precedent for solo singer/songwriters and blazed a path to which many numbers the earnest young musicians have because aspired. His warmth baritone is among the most recognized voices in renowned music and also his guitar playing has established its own standard.

James exit Sweet infant James in 1970. It went triple-platinum and spawned his an initial Top 10 hit, the intensely personal "Fire and also Rain." The adhering to year witnessed the relax of one more million-seller, mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon and the #1 single, "You"ve obtained a Friend," written by lengthy time friend Carole King. The recording won a Grammy award in 1971 for best Pop masculine Vocal. In 1972, Taylor scored one more Gold album v One man Dog, i beg your pardon was adhered to up in 1973 v Walking Man.

The album Gorilla (1975) consisted of two more significant chart entries: "How Sweet the Is (To Be love By You)" and also "Mexico." complying with his final Warner brothers recording, In The Pocket, James relocated on come Columbia Records and released a string of critically praised and commercially successful albums: JT, his 1977 double-platinum debut, included a peak 10 covering of Jimmy Jones" "Handy Man," a tune that offered Taylor another Grammy for best Pop male Vocal. Flag (1979), Dad Loves His work-related (1981), That"s Why I"m below (1985), never Die Young (1988), new Moon light (1991) and also the double-disc Live album (1993), present Taylor"s consistency: every were certified platinum. Hourglass (1998), i beg your pardon garnered James" an initial Grammy compensation for best Pop Album, and October roadway (2002), one more Grammy winner, additionally enjoyed platinum sales.

James Taylor"s music displayed the arts of songwriting in that most fundamental form. The has been at it for decades: transforming introspective meditations right into lyrics, melodies and harmonies the comfort and also reassure the listener through the sense that these occasionally painful, sometimes celebratory moments room a component of life, shared by us all. In 1971, James to be featured ~ above the sheathe of TIME magazine, who heralded him as the harbinger that "the singer/songwriter era". Today, the quintessential singer/songwriter has seen that era crossover right into the 21st century. James right now resides in The Berkshires through his wife, Caroline and their sons Henry and Rufus.

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Due to the continuous COVID-19 pandemic and concerns for the health and also safety the all, James Taylor has actually rescheduled his performance initially planned for Sunday July 4, 2021 at Tanglewood to Tuesday august 31, 2021, and now July 4, 2022.Ticketholders to this concert have actually the complying with options: host on to her ticket because that the recently scheduled date, donate the value of the ticket to the couchsurfingcook.com, receive a credit towards a future acquisition or inquiry a refund by please contacting Symphony charge at 617-266-1200 or tickets
James Taylor has actually rescheduled his performance initially planned because that Sunday July 4, 2021 in ~ Tanglewood come Tuesday august 31, 2021, and also now rescheduled for July 4, 2022.