The “Mannequin Challenge” took the web by storm, starting with the Cool teenagers in high schools before making its way to the human beings of celebrities, expert sports, concerts, and also politicians, (It’s even gotten political, similar to this an effective Black stays Matter-themed compilation film.) in between Britney Spears, Blac Chyna, and also Beyoncé, it’s become something that a celebrity rite of passage. And also when very first Lady Michelle Obama it s okay in on the game, well, it’s official: we have actually a national phenomenon on our hands.

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We’ve rounded up some of the absolute best and also most funny videos the groups of people, including some who frankly defy physics.

Best Casual High college Squad: These kids all managed to freeze-frame few of the many iconic high institution scenes, indigenous that moment when friend rush under the school actions after the bell has actually rung, come those casual to meet hanging in the hallways or goofing off in a classroom.

Best School-Approved massive Assembly: Hundreds that teens obtained in development for this large tableau, featuring what appear to it is in a variety of dance squads.

Best Meta Music Moment: Rae Sremmurd, the hip-hop team whose song “Black Beatles” is the unofficially soundtrack to most of the Mannequin challenge videos, in which method got whole concert group to participate. It’s eerie.

Best Even-More-Meta Music Moment: Paul McCartney—an original Beatle—tipped his cap to Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” v his own version that the challenge.

Best surprised Celebrity Sighting: gold State warrior star Steph Curry and also his wife Ayesha added to the genre through a video clip of whole restaurant rendered frozen mid-meal. Keep an eye out to glimpse the basketball player and also cook in the mix.

Best politics Participation: top top the morning of choice Day, Hillary Clinton and also her team mutual a video clip of their entire airplane cabin—filled through the likes the Jon Bon Jovi and also Bill Clinton—executing the difficulty with aplomb.

Best Execution by the Pros: James Corden got his backstage crew and also guests to execute the Challenge… and also then carried it every the method to the prior of house, wherein his complete studio audience remains motionless as the camera swoops through. The nearly three-minute video is flawlessly executed, through dozens the people recorded in facility activities.

Best Beyoncé: because something isn’t pop-culture-approved until Queen Bey provides it her imperial stamp. The Destiny’s boy version is an easy but, naturally, flawless.

Best check of Strength and Skill: It’s difficult to recognize just just how these cheerleaders are preserving their acrobatic positions for fairly so long. Practice makes perfect?

Best run Crew: Laurie Hernandez and the crew at Dancing with the Stars know specifically how to pose because that the cameras.

Most Mind-Bending: This gravity-defying, physics-defying squad’s submission just doesn’t it seems to be ~ real.

Best workout Video: You know anything Kevin Hart’s associated with will certainly be comedy gold. This one’s quick but sweet:

Best Party Animals: Things start to get an elaborate when filmmakers gain involved, favor this Twitter user, who freeze frames are physically difficult (bullet frozen in midair, anyone?). Yet that doesn’t do the scenes any type of less engrossing come watch.

Most Committed: Blac Chyna’s mid-labor Mannequin difficulty shows insane level of dedication to the handmade of web virality. Fine played, Team Kardashian.

Best Behind-the-Scenes: Ellen DeGeneres and her crew look like they’re having a great backstage at she show. Ping pong, anyone?

Best Red Carpet Appearance: The SoulTrain Awards regulated to freeze their entire red carpet, consisting of photographers and onlookers, to execute the challenge. Erykah Badu slays.

Best surprise Ending: director Ava DuVernay stopped top top the set of the upcoming movie A pucker in… and also revealed the movie’s release date.

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Most outstanding Location: Yes, the is first Lady Michelle Obama hanging out with LeBron James and also the rest of the dapper-looking Cleveland Cavaliers at the White House. They chose to soundtrack their an obstacle with some timeless music, understandably.





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