Jada Cacchilli briefly attended Cocoa High and Titusville High schools.When she resided in Brevard%2C Milliken%27s at the port was not there. Now%2C she counts the as among her fave spots.Jada stated she doesn%27t eat meat.Jada%27s household lives in Cape Canaveral. She counts her mom as among her best friends.Jada Cacchilli the "Bad girls Club: Chicago" (season 12) top top Oxygen is not just a reality star, yet an aspiring singer and also rapper. She has a candid previous in Brevard, summary attending two high schools throughout a troubled youth. She at some point moved to brand-new York for 11 years — whereby she has picked increase a thick interval — while in search of her biological father. On her quest, i beg your pardon she questioned on "BGC," she uncovered out the male she assumed was her organic dad had died years earlier. She"s involved terms v a lot and learned come accept and also forgive within her family. Currently she"s back in Brevard, all set to acquire her music career turn off the ground and we may just see more "Bad girl Club" in her future.

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QUESTION: What can you phone call me around "Bad girls Club"?

ANSWER: I can tell you that it"s a stunner experience. I didn"t recognize what i was wade into, however you need to be strong to survive in the house. Strong-minded since sometimes friend can autumn victim come the pettiness that"s walk on, friend may join teams through the wrong people. If there"s something damaging going on through you, friend don"t desire to be like weak and fight prefer I walk a lot during my season. Ns needed much more mental strength, i should"ve been able come walk far more. But instead, ns felt choose if somebody want to fight me, I had actually to fight.

Q: How negative did the get?

A: The fights weren"t terrible. I"ve been in worse fights growing up in my neighborhood. Yet what was really tough is everybody being against you. I"m so offered to getting together with everybody and also everybody liking me ... But it wasn"t favor that. Lock didn"t prefer me, and I was pretty much by myself.

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Q: What advice carry out you have actually for world in the situation?

A: I would certainly say continue to be true come yourself because a the majority of times when you feel like everybody"s versus you, you often tend to change your character so they favor you. I didn"t readjust who i was. I remained true to myself, i m sorry sucks during that time, however after ns left the home I realized that"s who I am so transforming myself would"ve make me feel terrible.

Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: I love to write. Ns love music. I love to create music. Ns love to accumulate kids. I want to job-related with kids. I desire to work in charity. I execute dance. I do gymnastics in Manhattan, and also I yes, really really want to work-related with the youth.

Q: Do you get mistaken for other celebrities?

A: Miley Cyrus and also Lauren Conrad

Q: What"s her music career like?

A: I rap and I sing. I want to do brand-new stuff like dub step and also dance music ... Which has been sort of challenging because I prospered up top top rap and also hip-hop. I love working with new producers and growing as an artist.

Q: Are people surprised as soon as you phone call them friend rap?

A: Definitely since they look in ~ me and see I"m this tiny white girl v blue eyes. They snapshot this girl from a cookie-cutter life through white picket fence. I"m a product of my environment and also I thrived up so in different way that they definitely don"t expect it.

Q: When girlfriend travel, what reminds girlfriend of Brevard?

A: I"d say any kind of beach town that I visited reminds me the it. I feel prefer all coast towns room so similar. They"re therefore fun. However nothing compares to Cocoa Beach. You have actually the cruise lines. You have actually the small beach bars. I grew up right here so i love Coconuts and also I love the (CB) Pier.


Q: What"s your inspiration?

A: My inspiration needs to be mine family. I want to execute so much for them.

Q: Any tips for anybody who"d desire to be on a truth show?

A: Everybody desires to it is in on fact shows, however I stepped right into it not knowing what i was obtaining into. Recognize what you"re gaining into and also stay true to yourself. Don"t readjust because girlfriend feel favor you have to be extra because that the camera or for much more camera time since people are going to see that. Simply be yourself.

Q: How long does it take you to get ready?

A: I"m quite simple. Ns usually just throw top top lashes and lip gloss. The hair bring away the longest because I placed in clip-in extensions. Most likely a half hour.

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Q: Do you have actually a exercise routine?

A: I walk to the gym no consistently. I require to gain on mine squat life on more. I"m 28 so I definitely need to start working out consistently.

Q: What"s next for you and Oxygen?

A: Look front to see me an ext in the future, I"m absolutely going come be ago on your TV display screen after (season) 12. I changed a lot during my season. Ns learned come walk away towards the end and not need to fight. Ns hope human being can learn from that. Everyone on my Instagram and Twitter is like, "Oh, ns look as much as you. "You"re mine inspiration." I"m like, "I"m no a function model. Ns really expect you don"t look as much as the reality that I dealt with a lot of civilization in the house due to the fact that violence is not the answer. I would favor for them come walk away and also laugh.

Q: You"re 28, you"ve gone with so much. And now you"re closer come your mommy than ever.

A: I want to compose a book. I want to touch people"s lives. I desire to assist people. Ns don"t care about being crazy wealthy or having camera time or any kind of of that. I desire to help kids choose myself who had nothing. Nobody helped me. Ns was lost, trying come raise myself.

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