Backing increase a bit: "there"s together a point as X" means that X exists. "There"s no such thing as X" method that X does no exist.

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There"s such a thing as a zebra, yet there is no such thing as a unicorn.

As because that "such a thing as too...", it"s a method of saying the too much of a good thing is a poor thing. For example, top top my 5th birthday ns learned the there to be such a thing as too lot ice cream. Unfortunately, for this reason did the living room carpet. :)

Now, have actually a look in ~ these:

There"s no such thing as also quiet. There"s together a point as also quiet.

Both of this sentences have the comprise assertion the quiet is desirable. However, the very first sentence is speak that absolute silence is the speaker"s ideal, and the second is saying the while a specific level the quiet is desirable, too lot quiet isn"t.

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There"s together a thing as too X, is a rhetorical machine - a figure of speech - the highlights something the someone is act by pretending they"ve never ever heard of X. Generally, it"s a generally positive adjective, turned an unfavorable by having actually too lot of it.

For instance:

If you were riding a bike in heavy traffic without a helmet, I might say "there"s together a point as too brave"

If you to be eating too much food, I might say "there"s such a point as too full"

If you to be on fire, I might say "there"s such a thing as as well warm"

In each of this cases, the emphasis (and pitch movement) is ~ above too, signalling that this is the news - you can have too lot of a an excellent thing.

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The adjective in "there"s together a point as too " is something i beg your pardon is usually pertained to as a positive. The expression "there"s together a thing as too " expresses the contention that the hopeful attribute becomes a negative one when had in excess, or as the English idiom has actually it, "too much of a good thing". (Compare through the contrary stock phrase, "There"s no such thing as being too thin or also rich.")

In the situations in i beg your pardon the expression is offered "out that the blue", that is, there is no preamble or noticeable context, it comes v the included connotation, "You seem to be behaving as if you assumed it was good thing the you room so really , however I think you"re ending up being insufferable in how girlfriend are."

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