For most of us, the town hall Ocean’s 8 is walking to it is in the closestly we’ll ever before get to getting a peek right into the many exclusive party top top the earth that is the Met Gala.

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The all-female spin-off certification Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Awkwafina, sarah Paulson and Mindy Kaling sees the corridor of fierce women attempt the can be fried heist, by trying come swipe a $150 million diamond necklace in ~ Anna Wintour’s fashion event.

It’s a fun-filled and fabulous film, packed through witty dialogue, many of girl power, and some seriously spectacular outfits.

Gay Times recorded up with Sandra Bullock and also Cate Blanchett to talk around how they regulated to recreate the Met Gala scenes v an ensemble of A-list lift extras.

Fans who have seen the film have also couchsurfingcook.commmented top top the queer undertones between Sandra and Cate’s characters, Debbie Ocean and Lou respectively.

The chemistry in between the 2 is undeniable, and there space plenty the nods to a romantic past.

We asked the pair if the subtle hints were intended or if it’s simply something viewers have actually picked upon, and you can see their answer in our video clip interview above.

Elsewhere, Sandra also spoke about what she would choose to check out in a potential sequel, including enhancements to their all-female gang.

“People ask, ‘Who would certainly you prefer for Ocean’s 9?’, and also the nicest thing around the inclusivity and also diversity that already exists is we have the right to have every different species of women,” Sandra called us.

“Transgender? It’s a different time and we choose to watch movie that mirrors what’s real, what exists, and what the human being looks like.”

When we indicate that current Gay Times couchsurfingcook.comver star Laverne couchsurfingcook.comx would certainly fit appropriate in, she replied: “Absolutely! She’s pretty fabulous.”


We likewise asked the 2 actresses how we ensure that all-female casts, LGBTQ representation, and also racial diversity isn’t just box-ticking by the significant studios, and that it in reality becouchsurfingcook.commes part of the fibre the Hollywood walking forward.

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“There’s so much in development,” Cate Blanchett told us. “I think women, and also people of various races and sexual persuasions space no longer sitting back and waiting for that adjust to happen. They room agents of the change.

“It’s much more an imaginative place to be, for men, for women, for everybody if all of those voices space being heard. It’s once every five years people say, God points have gotten a bit stale. It’s due to the fact that the exact same old white males are green-lighting the very same old white grey guys pictures, and also Ocean’s 8 isn’t one of those. This is lot funkier, wittier, sexier and also fresh, and also I think than that type of film-making.”

Sandra added: “The streaming world has yes, really influenced and also is representing what our civilization really looks like and also what we desire to see. It’s additionally influencing cinema. In order because that something come work, human being have to go see it. What space we making that human being want to see and also will leave their house and also get a sitter, or time off from work. What is it the excites people and also gives lock a ar to escape.”