In ours day to day life, we came across a variety of three-dimensional (3-D) objects, which has actually a certain volume. The volume the a substance is the total amount of room that that covers, i.e. As soon as we measure the space an ar taken increase by a solid thing it is referred to as as volume. Whereas Capacity alludes to the amount of something that a container holds. In short, volume is the container’s volume.

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Due to many similarities, the volume is often confused with capacity, however there are much less but far-ranging differences between volume and capacity, i beg your pardon one have the right to understand by finding out their meaning, unit the measurement, etc.

Content: Volume Vs Capacity

Comparison Chart

Basis because that ComparisonVolumeCapacity
MeaningVolume means the complete amount of room covered by an object.Capacity describes the objects capacity to contain a substance, i.e. Solid, fluid or gas.
What is it?It is the actual amount of something, i m sorry covers a identify space.It is the potential quantity of substance, which an object is able to hold.
MeasurementMeasured in cubic units, such together cubic centimeter, cubic meter.Measured in metric devices such as liters, gallons, etc.
ObjectBoth solid and hollow objects have actually volume.Only hollow objects have actually capacity.

Definition of Volume

In mathematics, the term ‘volume’ is provided to mean the amount of three-dimensional space, i beg your pardon is occupied by the matter. The is nothing however space, taken increase by the problem which can be solid, liquid or gas. It actions the in its entirety size the the closed surface.

The volume of an item can be calculated by multiply its length, width and also height. Normally, the is measure up in cubic units, i.e. Cubic meters, cubic centimetres, cubic litres, etc., which suggests the variety of cubes forced to fill the object. Further, depending on the form of the object, its volume changes. The evaluate of the volume of an object gives an understanding of how much room is covered by the object.

Definition of Capacity

The term ‘capacity’ is interpreted as the capability of the hollow object to hold substance, i.e.,. Solid, fluid or gas. That is a measure, that ascertains the amount of an are available in a container, that deserve to be filled with matter. In various other words, the complete amount of issue that have the right to be consisted of in the thing is the volume of the container.

You can have observed, that once we fill air or liquid in a hollow object, the takes the shape of the container. So, the maximum quantity of issue that the container is capable of stop is the capacity. The is measured in metric units, i.e. Millilitres, litres, kilolitre, gallons, etc.

Key Differences in between Volume and also Capacity

The point out presented below are significant so far as the difference in between volume and capacity is concerned:

The quantity of space, i m sorry a substance takes up, is well-known as volume. The maximum lot of a substance, that an object can contain, is known as the capacity.The Volume that a problem is the measure up of the space covered by it. Top top the various other hand, one object’s capacity is nothing yet the quantity of space, interior to the object which can be filled.Volume is constantly measured in cubic units, such as cubic centimetre, cubic meter. Conversely, volume is measured in metric units, such as millilitres, litres, gallons, pounds, etc.When an object is solid, it has only volume, yet if an object is hollow, it has both volume and also capacity.


Suppose over there is a tank filled v water, therefore the volume is the room occupied through the tank and the water, within the tank, while its capacity is the quantity of water necessary to fill the tank.


After a thorough discussion on the 2 topics, you could have interpreted that volume method what quantity of space taken up by the matter, whereas capacity way what lot of space is present for the matter to occupy.

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The term volume is offered with respect to containers, beakers or any kind of other hole object. Further, the capacity of a container can not be changed, but the volume of issue inside the container have the right to be adjusted by increasing or diminish the amount of matter.