The 28-year-old fashion designer and daughter that Run-D.M.C. Member Rev. Run shared a photo via Instagram Friday portraying her son’s latest ultrasound photo, v a clear shot that his small foot.

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“I can’t wait come kiss your tiny toes infant boy,” Simmons wrote, including the hashtags, “#itsaboy” and also “#MamasLittleBoy.”



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The model and hip-hop socialite, who newly took component in in the WeTV fact program Growing increase Hip Hop, announced her pregnancy in late might by posting a photograph to Instagram of it s her sporting a baby bump, enjoy it the good outdoors.

“We room overjoyed and also super excited to get a blessing this big! beginning a household was something that I could have just dreamed of,” Simmons captioned the snap.

As if the mom-to-be didn’t have sufficient to celebrate in happen a beautiful new son right into the world, Simmons is additionally engaged; she showed off her sparkly stunner through a video clip in April, likewise on Instagram.

“YES!! ns couldn’t be an ext excited,” she wrote. “This is just something I might dreamed of. I’m over the moon and also feeling therefore blessed to be able to share my life with the one i truly love. Everything happened in the most perfect way.”

Luckily, Simmons already has part practice as soon as it comes to tiny ones — although the looks favor her son might be outnumbered by girls for a small while.

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Simmons’ older sister Vanessa provided birth come her an initial child, Ava Marie Jean, in February 2014, and younger brother JoJo just came to be a first-time dad come daughter Mia KayLee this previous February.

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