Spoilers for Over the Garden wall under the cutA clever method of foreshadowing a an excellent deal that the show, “Into the Unknown” serves as viewers' very first introduction to over the… review More 

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Led with the mistBy the milk-light the moonAll that was lost is revealedOur long bygone burdensMere echoes of the springBut where have actually we come?And whereby shall we end?If desires can't come trueThen why no pretend?How the gentle windBeckons with the leavesAs fall colors fallDancing in a swirlOf gold memoriesThe loveliest lies the all
Spoilers for Over the Garden wall surface under the cut

A clever way of foreshadowing a great deal that the show, “Into the Unknown” serves as viewers" first introduction to Over the Garden Wall, both lyrically and also visually setting up the all at once tone the the show. By introducing viewers come the present in this manner, “Into the Unknown” instills a sense of both whimsy and mystery, drawing viewers in as they too go into the Unknown in addition to Greg and Wirt.

Reflective of the ensemble-like nature of the show, the animation that accompanies “Into the Unknown” (in other words the an initial bit of the present viewers see) reflects off more minor personalities that major. In fact, the personality signing the track is actually Greg’s frog (also well-known as Kitty/Wirt/George Washington/Benjamin/Jason Funderburker) – who plays the piano intro the the song and also is just revealed come actually have a singing voice much later, in episode six, “Lullaby in Frogland”.


Likewise, as well as the frog, the very first major personality we watch is Beatrice – yet in her human type – distracted through a bird, foreshadowing the fate that will certainly ultimately end up being her.

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The clips the follow, but that will certainly not it is in dissected here, all also serve to set up their particular episodes and also character storylines. While viewers will not recognize who these human being are, every will ultimately make sense as they clock the show and also “all that was lost is revealed.”