Coffee Emergency shadow Box

This DIY craft take it me no time at all to create! Seriously. If friend are around to leave for a wedding or girls night out and you need a rapid gift idea – This one is because that you! The SVG because that the graphic presented here “In case of Emergency break Glass” is complimentary in my store. All you have to do is go into your email attend to to download it for an individual use. Periodically I send fun emails out with MORE free SVGs so currently you deserve to see, it’s a win, win

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I posted this finished task a while earlier on a facebook group, and so many world liked the idea I believed I’d re-superstructure the quick steps for this reason We have the right to Make That together!

Here’s a rapid look in ~ the perfect Coffee Emergency zero Box

Coffee Emergency SVG shadow Box

Supplies I provided for the Coffee Emergency zero Box are pretty simple:Paper because that backing (Or material, cork, wallpaper, shelf liner, etc.)

3 an easy Steps to make a Coffee Emergency shadow Box:

1. Download the cost-free SVG Coffee Emergency file

Free SVG Coffee Emergency

*Be sure to click the “Attach Button” before cutting. This will save the letters in ar on the mat as soon as you click the cut button. If you want to do a 2 color style this is whereby you can edit the colors. Here’s a post on an altering colors in Design room on her SVG to help.

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Cricut Design room Coffee Emergency

You can break castle apart and also do an ext than one color if you desire at this step. I reduced mine all in one color, mint for this project.

3. Just how to Assemble your Coffee Emergency zero Box

Apply the vinyl to the glass. I included min on the ourside. The beans to be vanilla flavored and a wet-ish feel. So i didn’t desire that to chaos up the vinyl.

As one accent, I included a mint colored record to the backing and also taped the in so it wouldn’t move.

Next, fill with your coffee beans (I tipped mine come the side). Ns think it helped accent the message I added to the front. And that is it! choose I pointed out — it to be so easy. Perfect job for a Cricut DIY beginner!


Coffee Emergency SVG through Frame

LOVE that shade of vinyl! ns ordered this color online and it was: Oracal 631 Mint. This vinyl is therefore pretty! I need to order an ext because I want to reduced my “Gather” SVG because that my dining room area in that shade too. Once you begin using her Cricut to decorate, you can’t stop! haha. Perhaps that’s simply me…


Gather free SVG

I put my vinyl on the exterior of the glass. The coffee beans I had actually on hand to be vanilla scented, and they were a small sticky, so ns didn’t desire it ~ above the vinyl inside. Ns made mine to walk in my dining room/kitchen beside my grandmother’s old teacups. They make me smile when I watch them reasoning of her.

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I’d love to check out what friend made with this totally free SVG Coffee Emergency! write-up in the comments or ~ above my facebook page. And don’t forget come Pin this for later on so you can find it!


Shadow box on mine wall.

Happy Crafting,


Share the love! The “In case of Emergency break Glass” SVG architecture is accessible in mine shop complimentary SVG page so you can to do yourself one!