The sun has actually come.

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The mist has gone.We view in the distance…our long way home.I was constantly yours come have.You were constantly mine.

We have actually loved each other in and out that time.

When the an initial stone looked up at the blazing sunand the very first tree struggled up from the forest floorI had constantly loved girlfriend more.You freed her braids…gave her hair come the breeze.It hummed favor a hive of honey bees.I got to in the mass for the sweet honey comb there….Mmmm…God just how I love your hair.

You witnessed me bludgeoned by circumstance.Lost, injured, ache by chance.I screamed come the heavens….loudly screamed….Trying to adjust our nightmares right into dreams…

The sun has come.The mist has gone.We see in the street our long method home.I was constantly yours to have.You were constantly mine.We have actually loved each other in and also outin and also outin and outof time.

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20 think on “In and also Out of Time ~ MayaAngelou”

November 8, 2009 in ~ 1:24 pm

That’s beautiful, and I will be visiting more often. I’ve to be wanting come read much more poetry. Many thanks for setting up a place for it!

Niqui says:
November 8, 2009 at 2:35 pm

Thanks for protecting against by! You’re constantly welcome.