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Yo Phenom whattup, Glaze whattup?Yo this dudes is doin a most commercial tracksBut castle ain't doin tracks from commercials, hahaI'm a brand-new soul, I pertained to this weird worldHoping I could learn a bit 'bout exactly how to give and takeI'm a brand-new soul, I came to this weird worldHoping I can learn a little 'bout how to give and also takeC'mon... I'm fresh the end the boxAC, Foundation, StatenYeah, uhh, yeahI understand you to be askin "Who's that?" i don't know this brand-new catProbably cause the dude's pockets thinner 보다 the new MacWallet's skinny and also it's too flat in factI ain't goin earlier and forth prefer Joey Crack and that brand-new packStab where you at, put these raps on the brand-new trapI recognize this nigga DJ wanna scratch favor a new tatHomey view Sadaam is gone, so where my troops at?Dudes is my dom (su sa?) they tryin to move waxI do it bubble like hot soda, it's not overSmoker, cop traction me over, stated I had glaucomaI'm below you want me to leave favor OctoberWell that shit's questionable like Barack's cultureGot some new soles, yes I mean some kicksApl obtained the anthem, mine collection's thickHand top top the green like Twister, ns don't spits a trickI just hit, I'm "2 Legit 2 Quit"How I collection haters, me and my boys profession 'emI made 'em, castle sayin precisely what I'm sayin verbatimThey gassed, i deflate 'em, I store Crickets on every armOur psychic don't compare, you retard, I'm geezer Squad
So smart, I'm for this reason witty, yeahI told friend I'm fresh the end the boxYeah, struggle 'em through the flowI'm in, dat Mercedes, ns pass the haze and I'm lackadaisyPuffin 'til the cancer come and get like I'm Patrick SwayzeThe means she snack ~ above baby's foamin indigenous the mouthIt's choose she catchin rabies, ? she go the end homey and that's your lady?(Damn!) this rappers require they battery changedAnd this stuck increase bitches have to be tamedMad in ~ the game, talkin 'bout i damaged she nameHer ass is therefore flat, she might be in Danity KaneThat ain't a princess cut, that's a rhinestoneI act it like a yellow cabfare, you get bucked ~ above the drive homeTouched favor the iPhone, I'm lot on my grind homesYou grounding in her time zone, I'm puttin the ripe holeHustlin is so play out, ns can't stomach itYou rappers beat it come death, I had actually to begin vomitinAbused that in quotes, and also used the in jokesYou virtually made it cool to be broke, i can't fuck with itI had enough of it, now they walkin choose they hardSayin they write-up up these chumps - have to be talkin 'bout lock blogI discard these well-off snobs and Prince Charm they bitch hardAnd pitch song 'til the brand-new hit's gone

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- repeat to fadeYeahCome at these dudes, puttin the eviction notification outFor the inner office emblemActually actually they pullin 'em appropriate offThey left indigenous the label, tellin 'em lock DROPPEDAnd you changed with, first letter, 3rd letterACSteven Tapia, whattupC'mon, yeah yeah yeah