The rapper pull up for Halloween ~ above Friday as Marlon Wayans‘ character from the 2004 comedy White Chicks, a recommendation to an insulting meme that Snoop Dogg had posted about her critical month.

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Azalea mutual a variety of pics and videos to Instagram of herself in the costume. “Bye haterzzzzz,” she captioned one.

Jennifer Lopez likewise posted a picture of herself with Azalea at a party.

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The “Fancy” rapper was affiliated in a social-media feud with Snoop last month, v Snoop posting at the time: “So we just gonna disregard the truth that Iggy look favor Marlon indigenous White Chicks.” The pair have because reconciled.

Images of she costume deserve to be watched below, very first in a pic with a friend and also then with Lopez and also Demi Lovato.

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Happy Halloween!

Uma foto publicada por Iggy Azalea (
thenewclassic)em the end 10, 2014 in ~ 10:20 PDT

thenewclassic #costumeparty #jlohalloween

Fotka zve?ejn?ná uživatelem Jennifer Lopez (
jlo)dne Lis 11, 2014 at 11:14 PDT


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