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Iggy Azalea Rapping Nonsense, additionally known by the hashtag #StopIggy2015, describes a Vine clip of the Australian rapper improvising an a capella rendition of her 2011 self-released hip hop single "D.R.U.G.S" during her performance at a concert in 2013. Following the late appearance of the video clip in March 2015, it spurred a hold of remix and also mashup videos mocking her viewed absence of rapping abilities both on Vine and also YouTube.

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The original footage of Iggy Azalea percreating "D.R.U.G.S" at the 2013 European hip hop music festival Splash! in Ferropolis, Germany kind of was uploaded by YouTuber ItsIggyIgz on December 28th, 2014, only days after an additional clip of the rapper percreating an awkward freestyle verse on the morning radio regimen Smeans In The Morning surfaced on Vine. Within 3 months, the full-size video on YouTube garnered more than 317,000 views.


A brief vine clip of the video was posted by user damn tommy on March 1sixth, 2015, and in 2 weeks got 22 million loops, 75k likes, 34.2K Revines, and also 6,021 Comments.

On March 17th, the video was featured on many kind of popular blogs, including Mashable<1>, New York Magazine"s "Vulture" blog<2>, and also the Huffington Post<3>. Remixes and also repurposed sound-bytes of the piece began to show up on Vine utilizing the hashtag #StopIggy2015. Tright here are currently more than 500 write-ups via this hash tag. A few of the the majority of renowned vines have nearly as many loops as the original, with the many famous, by user Don Jesus<4>, nearing 20 million loops in 5 days.

On Twitter<5>, user
desusnice posted a video attempting a humorous translation of the rap, which got 827 retweets and also 834 favorites in 3 days.

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WINDOW WIN WIN WIN pic.twitter.com/NJ0gSYb9eY

— Desus Nice (



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