General CommentI don"t recognize Wild Blue Yonder, yet If you wanna it is in a bird is from simple Rider, and happens to be one of my favorites.

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General CommentThis track is in no means telling you to take it drugs and the intentionally is not to tell around experience with drugs!This song is one of the finest songs representing the target of the hippie-era. The hippies concerned existence as a transformation against old norms and an old way of thinking. They started a transformation against a lifestyle full of rules, thousands of expectations indigenous the society to individuals and finally certain no (individual) freedom. The revolution of the hippies lugged that freedom in society: not just materialistic but also mental freedom.This tune has got only one aim: come express this freedom! just listen come the means the track is sung: every singer would certainly say this is sung favor shit. But the target was no to develop a tranquility of art for the opera: the singer is free to sing the means he desires to and also the way he thinks it fits best in the song. And furthermore it is obvious that the tune is completely cost-free from any type of kind the structure! just compare with a nowadays pop-song: Strophe, Refrain, Strophe, Refrain, Bridge, Refrain. But is over there just any kind of repeated Refrain in this song?Then you deserve to take a look at the lyrics: a bird constantly stands because that freedom. "Why be bound to your feed once you gained wings friend haven"t used yet" This shows that everyone is able come break complimentary if he just wants to. Simply "get out and fly"! "Don"t wait for heaven, acquire out and fly" shows that friend don"t require the pole to faith in order to be complimentary when you room dead or anything prefer that. If you want to be totally free ("a bird"), you only need to break complimentary from stupid rules. The hippies were at critical able come live in perfect harmony with each other without any given rules.And come come ago to the topic "drugs": Sure, the hippies took drugs! but drugs to be not freedom itself! medicine were simply one means to obtain other point out of view. Drugs gave the hippies a possibility to look in ~ old traditions and at their parents" means of life with other eyes. Therefore they can get the idea the they have acquired no flexibility at all. The drugs gave liberty to nobody! They just could help understanding how life might be choose without those stupid old traditions. However at the finish the permanent drug intake lead to addiction and also drugs totally lost there function. The result was a junkie-era (I think 80s or 90s) acquisition drugs neither understanding nor regulating them. The most famous representative to be of course cut Cobain: no an ext idea that what freedom means - his suicide shows that the drugs completely lost their function of helping to rest free. Even his music (structured, boring lyrics, uncreative music, nothing really new, nothing genial, simply entertaining) reflects the method back from flexibility to an enslavement.

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Till this particular day the music (most rock, metal, pop, techno) lost its freedom and also depends ~ above what culture wants come hear. Along with its flexibility music even lost the level that art: there won"t be anything real brand-new as long as music stays enslaved (or at the very least not free).