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ERIKA:Once a lass met a ladYou"re a gentle one, stated sheIn my heart I"d be gladIf you love me because that meYou say your love is trueAnd ns hope that it will beDOMINICK:I"d be sure, if ns knewThat you loved me for meERIKA:Could i be the one you"re seeking?Will ns be the one you choose? deserve to you tell my heart is speaking?My eye will offer you cluesDOMINICK:What girlfriend see may be deceivingTruth lies underneath the skinERIKA:Hope will blossum through believingBOTH:The heart that lies withinDOMINICK:I"ll it is in yoursTogether we shall constantly be as oneIf friend love me for meDOMINICK // ERIKA:I"ll it is in yours! // Who deserve to say where we"ll go, together we shall always // Who deserve to promise the we"ll beBe together one // however I"ll remain by your sideBOTH:If friend love me for meIf you love me for me
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