Hello! thank you because that your interest in this product! i hope it helps you as lot as it has actually helped me! an initial order of business, ns am not Laura Numeroff or connected in any type with her or she publishing company. This a freebie i made come share through teacher friends who space using her awesome publication w

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This game is designed come be play after students have actually either check out If You give a Cat a Cupcake through Laura Numeroff or listen to making use of the QR code listed in the package. The video game cards and questions have the right to be printed off and then used with the gameboard. Included:* 36 cupcake cards & questions* 1
Sequencing task cards because that the story "If You offer a Cat a Cupcake" by Laura Numeroff. Students deserve to put the story into sequential bespeak in tiny or entirety group style.

This is a understanding worksheets the checks students knowledge of characters and also events in the story, If you offer A Cat A Cupcake. This worksheet also aligned come the Alabama expanded Standards (5th grade, first standard).R.ES.5.1.3
Selection that cupcakes to reduced out and also laminate companion several books - Pinkalicious, Pete The Cat, If You provide a Cat a CupcakeCountingSortingColor idNutritionDramatic pat tea party
This product is a Google forms Quiz the goes v the story "If You offer A Cat A Cupcake". Friend will obtain your own personal quiz after the is purchased.
Quick prediction / writing task to complete with your class for the story, If you offer a cat a cupcake...
This Reader's theatre is based on the cute publication by Laura Numeroff dubbed If You give a Cat a Cupcake. However, in this script there is a talking cat who constantly has something come say!There are duties for 4 students, but feel complimentary to assign more than one college student to a role, entrust a ar to a grou
Colorful Cupcakes is one emergent reader created for live independence or common reading. It's a perfect companion to "Pete the Cat and also the missing Cupcakes" by Kimberly and also James Dean. Few of the feasible uses because that this emergent reader incorporate guided analysis groups, publication boxes, review to self, read with a p
These free Shakespeare Cupcake pave Templates make great little treats to aid sweeten Shakespeare for also the most wary students! design as part of our Shakespeare's birthday Party package (which includes 8 additional cupcake templates and also some good introductory task cards and also activiti
Hello! here are some tracing versions of clipart, 3 because that each letter :)List that ItemsTracing AcornTracing AppleTracing AxeTracing BalloonTracing BananaTracing BearTracing CactusTracing CatTracing CupcakeTracing DinosaurTracing DogTracing DonutTracing EggTracing ElephantTracing Envelope(fonts from MJ F
I made couple of retell kind pages to companion my read aloud/shared reading time v Pete the Cat. This pages room meant to help students retell occasions that did and also did not take place in the story. Over there is a color page (for teacher anchor chart) and also two student duplicates for independent work.
This activity can be done together a companion to or elevation from analysis Pete the Cat and the lacking Cupcake. Consisted of in this printable is one large, windowsill scene, 12 big cupcake manipulatives, 12 large Grumpy Toad "eating" manipulatives, 30 little Grumpy Toad "eating" manipulatives, and also 50 cu
The end of the institution year means Pete the Cat for my class. Student love his straightforward going attitude and we all require a little of that together we wrap increase our year. These room subtraction worksheets to companion the Pete the Cat and The missing Cupcakes Story.
Coffee Time - Coffee Cup - Cupcake - Coffee break - Clip art - Colour10 ColorwaysCoffee CupCupcakeMugTransparent rundown included30 PNGs IncludedColorways-Coral-Gold-Teal-Blue-Purple-Mauve -Green-Rainbow-Gray-Transparent Outline•Total the 30 graphics•All of my clip art comes in color and line art•P
A record of 9 classroom, school, toilet posters that are a familiar reminder because that students when at school throughout this time. This are good resources because that teachers going earlier to school. This also includes a one floor spot to save your students socially distanced. Laminating them and also sticking them
This is a fun activity to go through the Laura Numeroff "If girlfriend Give..." books. There room 10 cards that go with plenty of of the book characters (pig, moose, dog, cat, cupcake, muffin, pancake, cookie, mouse, and donut). Cards can be placed approximately the room and used through the "Write the Room" task page
This is a cost-free coloring page collection sampler from my premium coloring pages which deserve to be purchase here:https://www.couchsurfingcook.com/Store/Janets-Creative-Printables/Category/-coloring-pages-259668These are the color pages:✎ice cream color page✎Christmas nativity color page✎cute u
Looking for a fun, motivating task to include to your sessions? use these uncover the Difference snapshot worksheets to assist your students develop visual perceptual skills and skip counting number by 2's,5's and 10's skills.You'll gain 12 different printable spot the Difference activities that require
Uses If You give a Cat a Cupcake. Teaches brief A sound and also Links come a small Moment writing Activity.
A craftivity to companion the book If You offer a Cat a Cupcake. It contains a composing page and also a basic art project. Enjoy!
FREE Halloween Clip Art collection with a pumpkin, scarecrow, girl in cat costume and a spider. Girlfriend will get 4 Clip arts graphics in bright colors. Look in ~ the cover come see exactly what you will get. This were all hand attracted by myself. They room perfect for her Halloween worksheets, art projects, post
This document contains pictures for beginning sound sorts because that each letter the the alphabet. A t-chart is included. This deserve to be printed and the focus letters have the right to be written at the top. Label cards are additionally included because that storage if you select to laminate and/or reuse. Every pictures contained are liste
K articulation activities designed because that younger students (pre-k to 1st grade). This product is a freebie sample that my larger K and g coupling resource.This resource includes /k/ tasks that target /k/ in the initial position of the word. Students can target the sound at the word, phrase or se

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