We room a personal studio made up of 2 talented, fine rounded artists, Mariana taco Rosales and also Elyse Summer House. We strive to do our studio a safe, accepting location for ours clients. We pride in being totally female owned and value ours clientele and our tattoo art over everything. Idle Hands key goal is to give clients beautiful, custom, tattoos and also have every customer leave feeling much better than once they walked with the door

To book please inspect out the artistsportfolioson their websites. Just click their photo to be directed to their site.

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Eachartists have various booking procedures andpolicies that have the right to be discovered with in their own site.





We room glad come be having you in the shop. While our artist room vaccinated we will ask you to proceed to stay a mask because that those client or staff members who are not maybe to get vaccinated as result of health concerns or an individual beliefs.

Please wear a mask, no bandanas.

Masks space required.

No extra guest or emotionally support.

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If girlfriend have any type of of the following symptoms and also suspect friend may have actually come in contact with someone v Covid-19 you re welcome reschedule:


Shortness the breath

Chest pain

Muscle aches

Sore throat

Loss the taste/smell


Joint pains


If you have actually been the end of state or out of the nation in the previous 3 weeks.

*When you arrive, stay in your car and please call us at 410-864-8643 permit us know you’ve arrived and for what artist. We will certainly let you recognize once her artist is set up and an excellent to go and you may come up.*