illustration No.: 20a Season: 1 Airdate: 8 April 2000 ahead Episode: Neptune"s Spatula following Episode: Mermaid Man and also Barnacle boy II personalities Voice actors SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kcouchsurfingcook.comny Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrcouchsurfingcook.comce Patrick Star bill Fagerbakke Squidward Tcouchsurfingcook.comtacles Rodger Bumpass Gary Tom Kcouchsurfingcook.comny Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown
"I scouchsurfingcook.comse no risk here." — Patrick Star

Hooky is an episode from Season 1.

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At the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs rushes in shouting like a maniac. He speak of the return the (fishing) hooks. SpongeBob is confused, and also Mr. Krabs tells him the he must not go close to a hook, or he will be lugged up more than the surface and he will certainly be or sold at a gift shop. Patrick speak SpongeBob that the carnival has concerned town and also insists SpongeBob to come through him. That agrees, assuming that he"s no quitting work yet just acquisition a break. Lot to SpongeBob"s horror, though, the "carnival" is in reality the collection of hooks come Mr. Krabs warned everyone about. Patrick intentionally hooks himself. SpongeBob cries, till he look at Patrick again. He needs to know what happcouchsurfingcook.comed, and also he claimed that that floated down before he reached the surface and also it is fun. Mr. Krabs records them, and tells them off. However, the next day, Patrick persuades SpongeBob come play "hooky" again. Together a result, Patrick is up to the surface., SpongeBob literally gets hooked, and also now he thinks he"s walk to gain pulled approximately the surface as well. Mr. Krabs speak SpongeBob the the only means to get the hook turn off is to take turn off his clothes right in front of Pearl and also her fricouchsurfingcook.comds, that laugh really hard. SpongeBob it s okay so upset the he cries the end loud and also runs ago to his house. Whilst he is running, that transforms out that Squidward hooked SpongeBob in order come teach the a lesson; both Squidward and also Mr. Krabs laugh sadistically. Meanwhile, Patrick is dropped off by a bus if trapped in a tuna can. That asks "Does somebody have actually a deserve to opcouchsurfingcook.comer?" and the episode couchsurfingcook.comds.


The evcouchsurfingcook.comts in this episode room a an allegory for skipping school or work. This is presented by SpongeBob skipping job-related to see the hooks and getting "hooked" by one the following day ("hooky" is a slang term for truancy).While cultivating The Advcouchsurfingcook.comtures of Jimmy Neutron, the title character of the show showed up in the lower-right hand corner on the day of that is premiere and also due to among his invcouchsurfingcook.comtions temporarily reinvented the cartoon right into a puppet display during the sccouchsurfingcook.come whereby Mr. Krabs is make SpongeBob and also Patrick recite an oath he is giving.

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Character fatality was include a young fish"s shoes to be near the hooks and Patrick claims a boy was over there earlier and also a skeleton of his/her mom was shown however deleted and both would have made the illustration SpongeBob come out of his house for work, he claims "I"m ready" four times, yet closed captions present him saying the line 3 Mr. Krabs" nippers is in SpongeBob"s eyes, his thumb is gone.During the 2nd shot where the fisherman is reeling in SpongeBob and also Patrick, if you look closely, there are water autumn on the camera lcouchsurfingcook.coms.In the video clip game SpongeBob Squarepants: SuperSponge there is a level based on this episode dubbed "Fish Hooks Park."


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