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If you aren"t mindful of the renowned YouTube clip, climate you"ve been absent out for all these years. You deserve to watch the video below, yet be warned: it contains clearly language.

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The video sat ~ above YouTube for a while through minimal views before finally exploding in October 2010. Due to the fact that then, the has end up being a famous video, amassing end 14 million views. The video clip itself wouldn"t be the entertaining if not for the male narrating it.

That man is Demetry James and also he listed his backstory for this video clip to Kotaku earlier in 2011 . The best part of this story, which friend don"t watch in the video, is the James was already winning by 22 points. This to be the last play of the game and it was completely unnecessary because that him to shot to score.

But this is "Madden" we"re talk about. If you"re not trying to score at all times, then why room you even playing? 

"You know, ns was surprised that even caught the ball," James called Kotaku. "All ns was act was looking for the open up man. I experienced he was open and threw it, and also then I experienced him limping and also realized, that"s Greg Jennings, the guy gained a broken leg! There were four or five of us friends play "Madden" that day, every one of us watching, and also then every one of a suddenly we"re all dying laughing. Oh, mine God."

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As because that the final phrase at the end of the video clip ("F— you, Gumby!"), James described that Gumby is his lifetime friend. Return the video clip kind of damaged Gumby"s life. His various other friends would constantly utter that phrase at him.

"They don"t even say "How girlfriend doing?"" James said Kotaku. "Not "Hello," no "Good morning," not "Hey, man, what"s the score?" simply "F— you, Gumby.""

The video clip became so famous in "Madden" culture that the game developers also put in an success called "Put Da Team on your Back" for the 2011-12 season. In stimulate to attain this, you had to score a 99-yard touchdown with Jennings.

The video clip also make its way to Jennings, who commented on it number of times.

"I believed it was the sweetest point ever. I am like, "I ultimately made it." i don"t understand if i was ever before going to do it in football, but I made that on YouTube. The guy is the best," Jennings said on George Lopez"s previous late-night show.

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The previous Packers receiver said some the his teammates offered to make funny of him because that it, however he additionally said that once he played against the Falcons, he had actually to hear cutting board DeCoud say "Put your team on your back" every single play. 

"It was funny to clock a many guys display me that

Unfortunately, "Madden" to update its rules on hurt players that permitted this video clip to happen in the very first place, so it"s i can not qualify we ever before get a moment like this again.