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"In France they Don"t speak "I Love You," they Say…" is a image popularized top top Tumblr which involves explaining within the paper definition of a TV show, book or movie, or the place where the piece of pop society takes place, "They Don"t say They Love You, they Say," then finishing the expression which v a renowned phrase in ~ the fandom provided to display affection or a explain those in the fandom would recognize is comically not affectionate. They regularly follow the the phrase with, "And i think that"s beautiful."


On April 14th, 2013, Tumblr user werepuppyscott<1> published a write-up which read:

"In France, they don’t say ‘I Love You’. Lock say rather “cet homme a volé un peu de ache et je vais le chasser pour le reste de sa vie avant de sortir avec lui, je veux dire le mettre en prison”

The French equates to "this man stole some bread and also I will certainly hunt for the rest of his life before going out v him, I typical put him in jail." This references the plot the Les Miserables v a nod to the ship in between Javert and also Jean Valjean. Together of September 2014, the write-up has got over 35,000 notes.


On might 24th, 2013, Tumblr user cozydozer<3> published a article which reads:

"in france, they nothing say “I love you.” they speak “je t’aime,” which method “i love you” but they say it in french. I think it is beautiful."

On December 11th, Tumblr user captainjaneways-bitch<2> published a short article which reads:

"In France they don’t say “I love you” they speak “Surprise, salope. Je parie que vous pensiez que vous aviez vu la dernière de moi.” and also I think that’s yes, really beautiful."

The French equates to surprise bitch, i bet you observed the critical of me. Together of September 2014, the write-up has acquired over 900 notes.

On might 26th, Tumblr user indiemusicfreak<4> released a article which reads:

"In italy they nothing say “i love you” they to speak “hey yo tony where’d you gain that fresh pepperoni” and i think that’s beautiful"

As that September 2014, the short article has obtained over 22,000 notes.

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On September 14th, Tumblr user camsfarts<5> released a post which reads:

"in Japan lock don"t to speak "I love you" they to speak "ロボットシンジの中に入る" and I think that"s beautiful."

The Japanese equates to "Get within the Robot Shinji," which references the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.