The traffic: AAA predicts Thanksgiving travel all at once will rebound to near pre-pandemic levels, with 53.4 million Americans intended to take trip for the holiday.

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If girlfriend haven't headed to the airport yet, right here are some tips on navigating her Thanksgiving flight

From"s Marnie Hunter and Pete Muntean

People wait in the line to clear v the TSA checkpoint in ~ Miami international Airport on Wednesday, November 24. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The transport Security management expects come screen more than 20 million civilization at airport security checkpoints nationwide over a 10-day duration that started Friday and lasts v the Sunday after ~ Thanksgiving.

"I wouldn"t to speak there"s any worry because we planned because that this for months in advance," TSA Administrator David Pekoske told"s Pete Muntean. "We have a many data, we work really closely v the carriers and also the airports, therefore we understand what to anticipate and also then we staff to the volumes that we mean to see."

The TSA anticipates the Sunday ~ Thanksgiving will most likely see the greatest numbers many thanks to a sirloin of travelers return home, yet they will most likely not with the all-time record collection on the same day in 2019 when 2.9 million world were screened at airports.

Air travelers should certainly be prepared for crowds, stated Andrew Gross, spokesperson because that AAA.

"So we"re informing people, look, you"re walk to discover lines at the airport. It"s simply inevitable. So acquire there that old-fashioned at the very least two hrs early. And also if it"s an international flight, three hours early."

If friend haven"t gotten on your Thanksgiving trip yet, here are some tips for your trip:

Try the airline website or application to get rebooked if your trip is canceled. It"s normally faster, according to catalent Bangs, a former airline pilot and spokesperson for FlightAware.To be really safe, publication a backup flight.
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21 hr 1 min ago

Threat that wildfires in California might lead to Thanksgiving power shutoffs

From"s Joe Sutton and Kelly McCleary

Blustery and dry Santa Ana winds are whipping up a wildfire risk in southern California this week, threaten a potential power shutoff end the Thanksgiving holiday.

A red flag warning influence 17 million world went into result Wednesday morning for Ventura, Los Angeles, sections of mountain Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and also San Diego counties, according to the National Weather organization (NWS).

A red flag warning means vital fire weather conditions are expected, including strong winds, low relative humidity and warm temperatures, the NWS said.

The warning will be in effect through Friday afternoon.

Winds will be strongest Wednesday afternoon, according to the NWS. Some locations could endure isolated gusts of 60 to 70 mph throughout the foothills and also mountains.

In the san Diego area, problems will be slightly far better with wind gusts as much as 60 mph and relative humidity between 7% and 15%, meteorologist Robert Shackelford said.

The gusty problems could lead come delays at airports in the region.

Utility providers in the an ar are preparing because that the wind event and also warning residents power might be disrupted in an effort to protect against fires.

Track weather conditions in your area here.

Passengers flying out of Dallas Love field airport in Texas will run right into some delays on Wednesday evening.

The federal Aviation administration says departures will certainly delayed an average of 25 minutes due to runway construction. The FAA said there will be a ground hold-up from 4 p.m. ET through practically 10 p.m.

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Additionally, the FAA stated departures from Miami International in Florida space delayed an average of 30 minutes because of “many aircraft trying come taxi in ~ once, producing congestion."

You can check the standing of your trip with FlightAware here.

If all family members and also guests room vaccinated and your locality go not have actually high transmission rate, "you can gather inside without masks and be very confident that everyone will be safe," he said.However, if you"re in a high-transmission area and members that your household are not vaccinated, it"s a risky situation."In that sort of a scenario, you may want — out of wealth of caution — come have world be tested before they come right into the house. And also make certain that, in fact, lock are an adverse using the fast tests that room pretty widely available."