I want to teach my youngsters how to express their feelings in Japanese. Mine daughter will start attending a Japanese institution soon, for this reason I desire her to have the ability to communicate what she is emotion to others. Ns don’t have any books that teach what I desire her come know, for this reason I made decision to do my very own book! ns used photos from The Droplet Project, included words, then got them made into a tied booklet making use of Snapfish.com. The task only expense me about $5, including shipping!

(All of these pictures are from the Droplet Project, with permission)

1) i am sorry. ごめんなさい。Gomennasai.

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2) ns am scared. こわい。Kowai.

3) i am sad. かなしい。Kanashii.

4) ns am hungry. おなかすきました。Onaka sukimashita.

5) i am happy. うれしい。Ureshii.

6) i am confused. わかりません。Wakarimasen.

7) i am angry. おこっています。Okotteimasu.

Are there any type of other emotions the you think a preschooler need to know just how to say?

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2 Responses come “Feelings in Japanese”


Faye may 24, 2011 in ~ 3:57 pm #

Hi, ns am a toddler’s mom and would choose to make some books for mine son. I choose the feeling book you made. My concern is just how you had actually it publish on snapfish. I recognize we can have a photobook done by this site. However, i am not certain if this site can print photos with words arranged choose you did.

My another questions is around learning Japanese. I want to begin to teach my kid Japanese. However, my indigenous language is Chinese and also I perform not speak Japanese at all. I wonder if you have the right to recommend some educational DVDs which begin with solitary words so the my son can follow. I am not sure if you understand the regimen “Your baby deserve to read.” My kid loves this program and learned to check out several English words from the program. Ns am wondering if friend know any Japanese programs are like that.

I prefer your blog. Store up your great work!!



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