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Tiger valley is a premier weapons training facility that is top top a 168 acre site conveniently situated in central Texas. Tiger Valleyoffers pre-designed courses and custom designed great to accomplish the weapons training needs of Federal, State, and localLaw Enforcement agencies. Our scope of training ranges from military personnel to the exclusive Citizen. Tiger valley hosts matches four times a year, and also is not a public or society range.

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T.I.G.E.R. Sink Mission Statement

Our score at Tiger valley is to it is provided the ideal training because that the disagreement spent. The price of a course at couchsurfingcook.com is routinely half if not two-thirds the what girlfriend would spend at a equivalent facility.

High round counts. If you come to Tiger Valley, arrangement on shooting lots of rounds with tiny down time. Shootingis a muscle storage activity. You can"t grasp shooting unless you space patterning the action. What girlfriend won"t getare instructors was standing in former of the class telling how great they are. You payment to shoot, no to hear bragging

No rubbish of ammunition throughout training. We have actually one the the just 1000-yard varieties with pit service in civilianhands. We have the right to put 27 shooters on the line v target carriers. This equates to faster and cheaper long-rangetraining. No driving a half-mile to check your target, it"s pulled and disked in the pits.

Our score is no down time. We have actually bays that are pre-set for details training needs. As soon as you want to shootmovers, you move to the bay. We have 8 bays set for particular training needs.

Supply the best in target systems. We style target systems for shooter needs. We emerged center-masstarget equipment that are fully clothed. The facility of the target has a 4 x 18 inch armored hit plate. This system forcesthe shooter to focus on facility mass shots. We have also developed a shoot ago paint round system. This radio-controlledsystem mimics tension under fire and also forces shooters come use appropriate cover.

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Tiger valley LLC.
Click On variety Address because that Map and Directions Waco variety Address: Hwy 84 in ~ Joe Russell Rd. | Prairie Hill, TX 76678 e-mail Address: 6309 Scottsboro Ln. | Garland, TX 75044 Cell: (972)977-9512