In this press review, us compare the HP 8710 vs 8715.

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anyone knows the HP brand for its outstanding quality printers. Castle both share comparable features, however there space differences. The difference may recognize which printer is appropriate for you.

ProductKey Specifications
HP 8715Borderless printingColor touchscreenWireless connectivity
HP 8710Borderless printingColor touchscreenRemovable print head

– HP OfficeJet agree 8715 Review



Productivity is a priority in business. Unlike house use, time-saving is vital for company use. This copiers have you covered. We measure up the speed of a copier in duplicates per minute (CPM). The greatest rate as soon as using black color ink is 30 CPM. Once using fancy ink, that 27 CPM. This speed need to be enough for home and work use.


The fax storage tells girlfriend how plenty of pages you have the right to scan and also hold in memory if transmitting various other documents. The fax storage for this all-in-one printers can hold up to 100 pages. This role is important for businesses or organizations. So we recognize that rate is essential. The fax rate indicates that you have the right to send a page deserve to in under 5 seconds. The resolution is 300×300 dpi. Yes, that is much less than the publish resolution, but this is high resolution because that faxing.


This write-up sought to to compare HP Officejet pro 8710 and also 8715. The HP OfficeJet pro 8715 put up a great fight. That is a superb multi-purpose printer the fits into a short budget. The features and also size space pretty lot the very same as the HP 8710. Both weigh just 11.52 kg and stand about 12 inch tall.

The dimension is fantastic for mobility: you don’t should confine it come one solved location. It comes in comfortable for modern workspaces where points are always changing. But the removable printhead is what renders the HP OfficeJet pro 8710 champion.


If you want your money’s complete worth, the 8710 is the one because that you. Such a basic feature renders all the difference. Without it, you could confront many expenses due to small faults. We recommend the HP 8710 to any kind of buyer searching for a low budget all-in-one printer.

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It is supervisor convenient and has a pretty decent design. You deserve to print, copy, scan, and also fax in great quality. Save time, and money. Affordability never ever looked for this reason good. If the non-removable printhead is no a dealbreaker because that you, the HP 8715 is a good buy as well.