former adult movie star Bree Olson, pictured in ~ the 29th annual Adult video News Awards display on Jan. 21, 2012, in ras Vegas, says she did not uncover out the ex-boyfriend Charlie Sheen (not pictured) to be HIV-positive until three days ago. Photo: Getty images
The people was shocked come hear that previous \"Two and also a half Men\" starCharlie Sheen has been HIV-positive for 4 years top top Tuesday throughout his \"Today\" interview, yet nobody was much more surprised than the civilization closest come the actor.One the his ex-girlfriends, former adult movie star Bree Olson, 29,appeared on \"TheHoward Stern Show\" on Sirius XM on Tuesday whereby she revealed she had actually no idea around Sheen\"s condition while the 2 were a couple.

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\"He never said anything. Ns was his girlfriend. Ns lived with him. We were together. We had sex nearly every day for a year,\" Olson told hold Howard Stern.

Olson saysthat as shortly as she heard the news about Sheen -- rumors the his condition surfaced Monday --she saw a totally free clinic to receive an HIV test, publiclyrevealing the results for the an initial time live top top air.

\"I am negative for HIV,\" a relieved Olson said Stern.

Listen come Olson on \"The Howard Stern Show\" below:

Sheen, 50, appeared on \"Today\" Tuesday morning and satdown with Matt Lauer to respond to tabloid rumors around the HIV diagnosis. The actor evidenced his condition, while admonishing the tabloid push for spreading rumors.

“I’m here to recognize that ns am in fact HIV-positive,\"Sheen said.​\"I need to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of sub-truths and an extremely harmful and also mercurial stories that are about me, threatening the wellness of so numerous others the couldn\"t be further from the truth.\"

Sheen contradicted Olson\"s statements to Stern when asked if he had told all of his former sexual partners about his diagnosis.\"Yes i have,\" Sheen told Lauer.

Sheen and Olson were evidenced to be date in march 2011 and Olsonlived with Sheen in addition to graphic designerNatalie Kenly. Sheen described both ladies as his \"goddesses\" in an interview through ABC News.The pair reportedly broke up in April 2011.

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