Geralt has actually a the majority of tricks and also weapons to select from in Witcher 3, but perhaps the most overlooked is the crossbow. We"ll show you just how to equip it, the best enemies to usage it against, and also how to make a build based around it.

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How come Get and Equip Crossbows in Witcher 3

Geralt doesn"t start off with the crossbow as soon as you start the game, however it won"t it is in long prior to you gain one. Follow the main quests because that a tiny while and sooner or later Vesemir will give Geralt a (rather bad) crossbow when the two of girlfriend go hunting a monster together.

Now that you have it, you deserve to equip it by going into your weapons inventory and dragging it right into the crossbow slot. Don"t issue that it"s not an extremely powerful, there space others to discover throughout the video game that are a lot better, as well as specialized ammunition come load into them. When you have other crossbows, you can move them into that slot the same as the first one.

as soon as you gain a crossbow, equip it in the appropriate slot to move it right into your access menu. | Joel Franey/, CD Projekt Red

How to usage Your Crossbow

Once fitted in her inventory, crossbows can be selected indigenous the Quick accessibility Menu (either Tab on a PC, or LB/L1 ~ above a controller). Select the crossbow, and it must fire anytime you press the center mouse button/RB/R1, targeting whatever Geralt is locked top top to. Girlfriend can even select committed ammunition native the Quick accessibility Menu if you have actually any.

Alternatively, host down the switch to have actually Geralt zoom in, offering you free control of wherein you aim. Don"t worry about ammunition either way; if you"re using the traditional bolts you"ll never ever run out of ammo (though Geralt needs to reload after every shot).

as soon as equipped, girlfriend can attract your crossbow at any kind of time native the Quick access Menu. | Joel Franey/, CD Projekt Red

What enemies to usage the Crossbow On

Even if you"re not developing a construct specifically for the crossbow, it have the right to still be an extremely useful against details kinds the enemies and in specific situations, specific these enemies and situations:

Flying enemies. The crossbow is presented specifically together a counter against fighting a griffin, and one that the large advantages of that is made clean - it can hit adversaries your knife can"t reach, and also often bring them out of the air in the process. It might do less damage, but by bringing down airborne enemies with a ranged attack, you can follow that up through some high-damage melee strikes.Underwater enemies. Geralt can"t use any weapon or order underwater except for the crossbow, making the your only recourse versus drowners or harpies the come after ~ you.Enemies who assault your boat. as soon as you"re in a boat, Geralt can either was standing up and also walk roughly normally, or sit in place to steer. The latter offers you full control, but while operating the rudder her crossbow is your only attack. If you must keep moving, remain seated in ~ the back, firing in ~ anything that looks at you funny.
Underwater enemies are nearly impossible to fight there is no a crossbow to execute it. | Joel Franey/, CD Projekt Red

What an abilities and ability to obtain for a Crossbow Build

The viability the a crossbow build is quite debatable amongst fans, especially early on in the video game where girlfriend can"t get much the end of it. However, it has proven come be efficient in part cases, especially when combine with an effective ammo, for this reason here"s a list of an abilities you can get to make yourself right into a actual sharpshooter with time if that"s her vision for Geralt.

Lightning Reflexes. Time slows an ext while aiming the crossbow.Anatomical Knowledge. increases crossbow an important hit chance.Crippling Shot. an essential hits faced the crossbow disable monster special abilities.Steady Shot. Crossbow bolts transaction 25% an ext damage.

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Trick Shot. You can shoot one added bolt before you need to reload.
do a build approximately the crossbow is a controversial choice, yet some players swear by it. | Joel Franey/, CD Projekt Red

While you"re gaining to grips with weaponry, why not check out our guide here come repairing her gear? Or you might go right here to see exactly how to an increase your experience and level quickly, so you have the right to make the crossbow construct faster than ever.