Are girlfriend in a rush and trying to figure out how come thaw frozen tuna steaks quickly?

Today, ns am going to to mark the 3 ideal defrosting options that can be offered on frozen tuna steaks, along with some really useful and important information.

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3 things to Know before Thawing Frozen Tuna Steaks

There space a pair of necessary tips that you should know, prior to you start the procedure of defrosting frozen tuna.

Never thaw in warmth water. once you thaw fish or any type of other perishable food in heat water, it substantially increases the possibility of the tuna steak getting to in the danger zone.

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How come Thaw Frozen Tuna Steaks: 3 finest Methods come Use

You have actually 3 defrosting methods that you can use as soon as thawing frozen tuna steaks, no matter if that Albacore, Bluefin, Skipjack or Yellow Fin (Ahi) tuna.


These are:

Overnight in the refrigeratorCold-water MethodMicrowaveMethodTimeInstructions
Overnight in the refrigerator8-12 hoursCan be Stored up to 48 hours In The Refrigerator after ~ Thawed
Cold-water Method30 MinutesCan be Stored approximately 48 hours In The Refrigerator after ~ Thawed
Microwave5-8 MinutesCook Immediately

Let us take a detailed look in ~ each technique below. 

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How come Thaw Tuna Steaks Overnight in the Refrigerator

Placing frozen tuna steaks in the refrigerator to thaw overnight is the recommended method, as the tuna will remain at a safe and continuous temperature (around 40 °F) together it defrosts.

The an unfavorable to this an approach is the it is slow and also can take everywhere from 8-12 hours for the fish come thaw properly.


Remove the frozen tuna steaks native the vacuum packaging (as mentioned above) and place in a bowl, container or shallow plate that is inside wall with document towels.Loosely sheathe the bowl or bowl v plastic wrap or document towels.Place the plate through the tuna steaks on the bottom shelf the the refrigerator, therefore no inadvertently drippings native the fish lands on other food gift stored.Let the tuna thaw for roughly 8 come 12 hrs (overnight). Readjust the file towels lining the container if they become too wet.Once thawed, pat dry the tuna dry with file towels prior to cooking.If you carry out not setup to cook the tuna steaks immediately after defrosting, the steaks need to be packaged properly and kept in the frozen refrigerator for approximately 2 days.

How to Thaw Tuna Steaks in Cold-Water

If you require tuna steaks s quickly, then the cold-water technique can it is in used. The takes about 30 minutes to thaw 1 pound of tuna when using this method.


Remove the tuna steaks from the freezer and also vacuum packaging (as mentioned above) and transfer to a resalable Ziploc bag.Fill a key or kitchen sink with cold waterSubmerge the tuna steaks in the cold waterLet the tuna sit in the bowl/kitchen sink for 30 minutes (it takes around 30 minute to thaw 1 lb of tuna).If you carry out not plan to cook the tuna steaks immediately after defrosting, package castle properly and store in the frozen refrigerator for as much as 2 days.

How come Thaw Tuna Steaks in the Microwave

The microwave is a quick means to thaw tuna steaks, but it need to be provided with extra care and also caution, together it can be somewhat tricky to attain an also thaw.

There is also the possibility of the microwave food preparation the fish if left in as well long.


Remove the frozen tuna from the plastic packaging and place ~ above a microwave for sure plate.Set the microwave timer because that 2 1/2 minutes and the usage the defrost or 30% strength (low) setting.Microwave till the 2 ½ minutes room up.Flip the tuna steak and also microwave for an additional 2 ½ minutes.If tho frozen, microwave in 30 2nd intervals, till the tuna steak is fully defrosted.The defrosted fish have to be cooking immediately.

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Wrapping the up

I hope this write-up highlighted whatever you necessary to know around thawing frozen tuna steaks.

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Now, I’d prefer to hear what you have to say.

Which defrosting an approach from this article are you going come try?

Will letting it thaw overnight in the refrigerator an approach work best, especially due to the fact that you meal arrangement ahead that time?


Are friend in a rush and that way a rapid thaw technique using cold water or the microwave a must?