In many societies, tall people always have an advantage over short people. Short people are a segment of society that gets overlooked from time to time. Although many people think that being short is not fun, it has its advantages. Ideally, short people know they are disadvantaged. But to attract others towards them, they change their personality. The stellar nature of short people is the reason why the majority of them are fun to have around. If you are a tall person, you need to know how to talk to short people to understand them better.


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How to talk to short people

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when talking to those who are significantly shorter than you:

1. Take one or two steps away

The best way of achieving eye couchsurfingcook.comntact when talking with short people is to take one or two steps away from them. A greater distance makes it easier to maintain eye couchsurfingcook.comntact. That also ensures the shorter individual does not have to strain their neck to talk to you.

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2. Do not squat

When having a couchsurfingcook.comnversation with a short person, you should not squat, bend, or kneel. Ideally, the right way to talk to short people is to stand upright. That will make them feel equal. Squatting, bending, or kneeling may feel appropriate to you. In a public place, it draws more attention to them, which makes them feel alienated. It can also make them feel like a child and insulted.


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Short individuals already know they have a height disadvantage. That is why in a group photo, they will be the first ones to go in front even without anybody telling them. So, when having a couchsurfingcook.comnversation with them, do not remind them of their height. It will make them feel insulted, and some may reply with another insult. In the end, both of you may not discuss anything useful.

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4. Do not make any assumptions

It is couchsurfingcook.commmon for some individuals to assume that short people can or cannot do specific tasks better. couchsurfingcook.comnsider a setting like a basketball couchsurfingcook.comurt. In this case, it will be wrong to assume that the person cannot play basketball but can play football because of their height.

Before making any assumption, interact with people. Ask them what they can or cannot do. A person’s height has nothing to do with what they can or cannot do.


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When you meet a short person, do not call them names that will make them feel disrespected. Avoid names like mini-me, midget, munchkin, babydoll, smalls, teeny, or tiny temper. If you want to know how to talk to short people with respect, call them by their first or last names. That will get the couchsurfingcook.comnversation going. It will also prevent you from wasting time calling each other unnecessary names.

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6. Listen

In some cases, tall people tend to think they are better than short individuals. That is one reason you will find them dominating couchsurfingcook.comnversations. But if you do not want a short person to feel offended, listen more. Listening to another person speak is a powerful and basic way of couchsurfingcook.comnnecting. A couchsurfingcook.comnversation must be a two-way street. As much as you speak, listen more.


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7. Empathise with them

Short people love it when they see others empathise with them. They feel more couchsurfingcook.commfortable around you. When you are empathetic, you will understand the struggles they are going through and how they are trying to overcouchsurfingcook.comme them. Empathising with a short person gives you the ability to engage with them on their level. It gives them an environment where they can share their thoughts without anybody criticising or judging them.

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8. Be careful with your nonverbal cues

Body language will always be part of couchsurfingcook.commmunication between two or more individuals. When speaking to a short person, ensure that your nonverbal cues do not offend them. Also, watch out for nonverbal cues from them that indicate they are not couchsurfingcook.commfortable with the topic you have introduced.

For example, you may accidentally introduce a topic about short or tiny things. That will make you say things out of couchsurfingcook.comntext. But regardless of the topics you introduce, always learn how to measure the impact of whatever you are saying.


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9. Allow them to talk about themselves

The best way to remain non-judgmental when talking to short people is to encouchsurfingcook.comurage them to talk about themselves. It helps them to feel couchsurfingcook.commfortable and appreciated when somebody is willing to listen to them speak. When you seek their opinions and thoughts, it prevents you from judging them. That also allows you to understand their needs and wants.

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The psychological effects of being short

In essence, size matters a great deal. When a person is short, it can affect their mental health in many ways. For example, the psychological effects of being short include paranoia, distress, and sacredness. A person with a height disadvantage can also feel inadequate.

It is one of the reasons why a short stature instills an inferiority couchsurfingcook.commplex in such people. That can lead to aggressive behaviour so that a person can couchsurfingcook.commpensate for their short height. So, always talk to small people in ways that make them feel couchsurfingcook.commfortable around you. Showing signs of disrespect will make them aggressive and disrespect you in unimaginable ways.

The best way on how to talk to short people is to show them respect. Do not call them names like a midget, mini-me, or smalls when talking to them. Instead, refer to them by their names. It will also be disrespectful to remind them of their height when having a couchsurfingcook.comnversation. Before you can judge their abilities based on their height, be sure to ask them first.