Jurassic human being Evolution is a template park management video game where you run your really own dinosaur theme-park. And also while it’ll no doubt meet the desires of Jurassic Park fans everywhere, it can be a little difficult to acquire into in ~ first. There’s protection to manage, dinosaurs come create and also guests to entertain. Among the things you can be wondering throughout the at an early stage hours the the video game is how to sell dinosaurs in Jurassic people Evolution. Well, we’ve gathered every little thing you have to turn your undesirable dinos into cold, hard cash.

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For everything else you have to know about Jurassic civilization Evolution, head end to our Jurassic people Evolution travel guide hub. You’ll discover beginner’s tips and also tricks, a malfunction of all 3 divisions, just how to create new dinosaurs, and also more.

Jurassic civilization Evolution - exactly how to sell Dinosaurs

During the first couple of hours the the game, you’ll more than likely be tempted to produce as many brand-new dinosaurs as humanly possible. While this is without doubt fun, you’ll shortly realise that you’re walk to need to be a little an ext choosy as soon as deciding i m sorry dinosaurs to create and when. This will certainly leave you with a surplus of relatively useless dinosaurs which are taking up beneficial enclosure space. Luckily, you can actually sell dinosaurs in Jurassic world Evolution. Here’s how:

How to Prepare a Dinosaur come Sell

In stimulate to gain a dinosaur prepared for sale, you’re very first going to need to tranquilize it. First, head over to the ACU center and also select “tranquilize dinosaur” as a task. Alternatively, you have the right to pilot the chopper yourself and manually sedate the target dinosaur. It’s faster to do the previous though. Once the dinosaur is sedated, it’s a matter of sending out a helicopter to choose it up.


Selling a Dinosaur in Jurassic civilization Evolution

Once it’s been hoisted increase by the ACU helicopter, you’ll see a switch prompt in the bottom left the the display screen to sell the recorded dinosaur. Push the correct switch to market (triangle on PS4, Y top top Xbox One, R top top PC), you’ll be asked to confirm the choice, just choose yes indigenous the menu. After ~ that, the money will certainly be included to her account, and the dinosaur will go off to its new home, an interpretation you’ll have more to invest on a cooler, more entertaining dinosaur.

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That’s all you should know about selling dinosaurs in Jurassic civilization Evolution. We’ll be adding more and an ext guides because that Jurassic human being Evolution together we spend an ext time with the video game so remain tuned for much more details on creating the perfect primitive theme-park.