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Air dry clay glaze.

I’ve made the majority of air dry clay crafts over the years (these stamped clay bowls are my favourite) and also among the concerns I obtain asked the the majority of is exactly how have the right to you glaze air dry clay?

While it’s not possible to glaze air dry clay in the standard method utilizing a kiln you can use varnishes and also sealants to produce a glazed pottery effect.

Unlike conventional clay, air dry doesn’t must be fired to collection difficult. However, this does suppose that your finiburned piece can still absorb moisture and deserve to end up being soft if it comes right into call with water.

So while it’s not possible to truly waterproof air dry clay you deserve to make it water-resistant. You’ll must wait until your clay model is completely dry (at leastern 72 hours) before using a thin layer of varnish through a foam brush.

Tbelow are a pair of different choices to aid seal your clay, I’ve even made my own glaze and also I’m going to share some of my favourites via you below.


Is air dry clay food safe?

Before we begin it’s important to recognize that anypoint you make via air dry clay is not food safe and also is to be provided for decorative purposes only.

Even though the clay itself is non-toxic, it is still porous when dry and also will certainly absorb any oils or residues from the food. So while you shouldn’t eat any kind of fruit or crisps and also chips out of it (certainly no liquids) you deserve to still usage it to host any wrapped sweets and also treats.

Why must you varnish air dry clay?

Tright here are a number of reasons why you would want to varnish clay, the a lot of well-known of course, is to protect your finimelted artoccupational from chipping and also fading. It likewise gives a layer of defense against dust and also UV rays that deserve to fade the colour if painted.

Anvarious other factor is to produce a merged surface. Adding a glaze have the right to aid even out a patchy surchallenge and in some cases even make the colours stand out and also come to be more vibrant.


Can you make air dry clay waterproof?

No, however you deserve to make it water-resistant using a glaze, waterproof sealant or varnish. This doesn’t expect you can leave your clay to soak in a bowl of water yet it does mean you deserve to wipe it clean through a damp towel.

How to seal air dry clay?

Tright here are rather a couple of various methods to seal your clay. It all relies on how long you desire your finimelted ornament to last.

Craft glue/Mod Podge.

A famous option is PVA glue (white craft glue) or Mod Podge. It’s cheap to buy and also simple to discover in a lot of craft shops. However, it won’t make your clay waterproof and also deserve to turn yellow if left out in the sun. This can still be an excellent choice if you’re making crafts through children and also it’s not somepoint you’ll need to last forever.

Varnish or acrylic sealers.

If you desire to make your clay water-resistant I always recommfinish making use of either a clear polyurethane varnish or an acrylic sealer. Both of these develop a non-porous transparent layer that seals your clay job.

They deserve to be bruburned or sprayed on and normally come in either a matt, satin or gloss end up. A spray sealer is great for pieces that have several nooks and crannies that are tough to acquire right into through just a brush.

DIY homemade glaze.

If you desire to go the DIY course I’ve obtained a cheap and also cheerful glaze recipe you can make at house. This DIY glaze deserve to be left clear or coloured through some acrylic paint. All you need is some glue, clear nail varnish, water and also the paint of your alternative.

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I need to add this glaze is not suitable for polymer clay crafts as the nail varnish can erode the polymer clay over time.