Today we’ll see exactly how we can resolve people in German, both individual people and also groups the people. In English you use salutation words prefer Mr. As soon as you deal with a male, Mrs. When you resolve a married woman, Miss if you address an unmarried woman and also Ms. If you deal with a mrs without indicating her marital status?

Salutation Words supplied to deal with Individual People

Do we use these salutation native in German? Sure, us do. There space three words supplied for this purpose: Herr, Frau and also Fräulein. They can be used prior to the surname of the person, just like in English.

Herr is the German counterpart of Mr.


Some examples:

Herr Weber Mr. Weber
Frau Weber Mrs. Weber
Fräulein / Frau Weber miss Weber

The German equivalent of sir is Herr. That oftenpreceded by the possessive adjective mein.Here room some instances of how it’s used:

(mein) Herr! sir!
Der Herr wünscht? What have the right to I do for you, sir?

The native Herris used prior to a title once you attend to a man:

Guten Tag, Herr Doktor! Hello, doctor!
Gute Reise, Herr Professor! have actually a quite trip, professor!
Danke, Herr Präsident! say thanks to you, Mr. President

You usage this form also in a official letter:

Sehr geehrter Herr Schmidt… dear Mr.

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The German counterpart of madam / lady is Frau. It’soften preceded by the own adjective meine.The word Frau is likewise used before atitle as soon as you attend to a woman:

liebe Frau! my dear lady!
Guten Tag, Frau Doktor! Hello, doctor!

Addressing groups of People

When girlfriend officially attend to a group of world you arenot on an initial name state with, you might use the plural type Damen und Herren:

meine Damen und Herren ladies and gentlemen

If you attend to only men in a officially letter, friend usethe plural form Herren: