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allis chalmers 1954 CA tractor. A bearing went out going the end to wheel that drives ship mower. End result = chewed increase gears and lots of metal shavings.i have to remove PTO obelisk #5 from gear #37, main concern is #7 snap ring. ((see listed below link)) once i obtain these out of the way. I can obtain to belt sheave shaft, and also tear it apart, discover what all requirements to it is in replaced. Object movedif above link does not work.. Then....Object relocated -> guest user (view books) switch -> type in "CA" and choose AGCO ALLIS from drop down menu ->click CA link (bottom of search results) ->DRIVE TRAIN - power TAKE turn off #7 snap ring / retaining ring / circlipit is an interior snap ring. (no feet for constant snap ring pliers *big frown*) one finish = a 45 degree notch. I have actually not identified anything that i can use to acquire in behind of the little edge. And also pry out the snap ring indigenous the grove. I have searched internet whatever is because that "with holes" not without holes. And also if there is no holes, that = just installing not removing castle *arghs*i have used various screw drivers, steel filler end, that i grinded down through a small notching. Yet so much all the steel i have actually on hand. Bends before i deserve to barely acquire the snap ring to budge. (not sufficient to obtain anything behind it. To pry that out). I am a bit un-easy drilling a "hole" into the main spreading / pto body. Close to the snap so as to create a spot to pry the snap ring out. The snap ring hold the bearing in place. And also any ar i could get a drill little bit into. Is rather really ugly spot to drill into. And also would be fear of weakening things. To suggest of hooking increase say a rotatory cutter or short article hold digger, or various other equipment. And also run pto interior shaft right right into the transmission. I see comments in net searching as a "one use only snap ring" assuming folks providing up and just grind as lot as possible of the snap ring out with a dremal. And also buying a instead of snap ring. =========================going to require to find a "slide hammer" or something. Come nock #5 PTO shaft. Out of gear #37 (to get past the key in the PTO shaft). I had to replace the PTO obelisk a few years back. Because of cracking in half. And i had actually to usage some fairly hefty hits of a constant sledge hammer come nock every little thing together. Wonder if i can lift tractor up. And let it earlier down. ~ above pto column maybe. With extra bracing to press the tower out *meh* sounds choose i will be loosing a finger / hand. Awell.


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I've had great "last chance" results with tools like these choose from harbor freight. If you break them, hey, they were two bucks! 4 piece Pick and also Hook Set