Learn exactly how to copy and also paste top top Android, exactly how to accessibility the clipboard and manage your snips, and much more tips and also tricks.

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Copy and also paste usability on Android is quite basic, just as it is on many operating systems. Cutting and also copying solitary items because that pasting when is fine, however once you reduced or copy miscellaneous else, the overwrites what"s already on the clipboard.

That"s enough for some people, but many desire more. Let"s review exactly how to copy and also paste on Android, climate see how to clear and accessibility the clipboard for much more functionality.

just how to Copy and Paste on Android

Copying and also pasting top top Android is simple, yet not constantly intuitive if girlfriend haven"t used an Android maker before. Here"s how to perform this.

First, choose some text. In many apps, choose Chrome, you can do this through long-pressing top top the text you want to copy. Then, readjust the handle of the highlighted section to get just the words you want. Friend can additionally tap Select all if you want to copy all the message in one area.

pick Copy to copy the selected contents to her phone"s clipboard. You"ll only see a Cut option if you"re working inside one editable message field, choose in a note-taking app. When Copy will save the components of the web page intact, Cut removes the text from its current location.

Android Copy Text
keep in mind that in part apps, favor Twitter, those handle won"t appear. In that case, once long-pressing ~ above a tweet, the app will immediately copy the whole tweet because that you. This likewise works on addresses in Google Maps.

when you"ve replicated text, navigate to where you want to paste that text. Long-press within the message field, then select Paste. In some cases, friend might likewise see the Paste as level text option. Pick this if you want to remove the formatting once pasting.

Alternatively, if you tap ~ above the ar where you want to paste the text, a small blue or black manage should appear. Tap on that to see the same choice to paste.

Android Paste
That"s every you need to copy and also paste ~ above Android. There"s more to know about the Android clipboard, though.

vital Android Clipboard Tips

store in mind the anything you"ve replicated will mainly likely disappear if you turn off or restart her phone prior to pasting it. Thus, it"s finest to paste the message quickly before you forget it"s top top the clipboard.

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Also, if girlfriend copy (or cut) one item and then try to copy/cut a 2nd before pasting the first, the an initial copied message will be erased. Android"s clipboard have the right to only hold one little bit of text at a time. See listed below for just how to manage much more items top top the clipboard.

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Remember that you deserve to only reduced text if it"s in a message entry field. If the text is not editable—like in a internet article—you"ll only be able to copy it. But if you"re typing out a message message, you can reduced the text that you"re typing and also paste the elsewhere.

If you"re analysis an article and also there"s a connect to another article that you desire to copy, you can tap the link, long-press in the URL bar, and also then copy the URL. But there"s a much much faster method: just long-press top top the original connect itself and select Copy attach address. This functions in most apps.

You can copy more than just text and also links ~ above Android, too. It"s also possible to copy photos, though the exact method depends on the app. In Chrome, you can long-press on an image to bring up a food selection that includes a Copy photo option. For other apps, you could need come tap the three-dot menu button with the image open and also choose Copy from there.