Sometimes when you love a track also much, you might want to listen to that again and also again. Or friend may uncover that a particular Soundcloud song makes you especially productive. In this case you’ll want to store listening to it till you are done v the task.

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Here’s how you deserve to loop tracks on Soundcloud using your desktop browser or a mobile device:

How come Loop songs on Soundcloud

To loop any kind of song on Soundcloud, follow these steps:

Open the track in any browser (No must sign in to Soundcloud)Locate the player controls at the very bottom the your web browser screenClick “Repeat” icon that looks like an arrowhead to activate it (It will turn orange)

This track will store playing till you click the “Repeat” switch again.

Click “Repeat” button at the very bottom of your browser to loop the track you are currently listening to

Once girlfriend loop the monitor on Soundcloud, you can continue browsing the site and the song will keep playing until you de-activate the looping icon.

Soundcloud Loop: mobile App

To loop a Soundcloud song on a mobile app, follow this steps:

Login to your Soundcloud account making use of the cell phone appTap player controls in ~ the bottom of your phone screenTap the arrowhead icon come activate the loop
On her mobile device, you need to an initial open the player controls by tapping on them. Next, madness the “Repeat” switch to play the infinitely

The looping function works specifically the very same on iPhone and Android.

Note: There’s no looping choice on the mobile site, so you’ll need to install the official mobile app. Soundcloud iphone / Android app is free unless you desire to save listening to your favorite music in an offline mode. In this instance you can pay the premium app version i beg your pardon is about $6.

When to usage Soundcloud Loop?

There may be numerous reasons why you may want to hear to the exact same song again and again. Here’s why I’d use the song looper:

When i exercise, i use certain tracks for details workouts. This songs appears to enhance my tempo best. So I’ll save the tracks playing till I to be done with the workoutIf I take place to discover a new track which i really like, I’ll replay it come thoroughly reap the sound effects

And what room your reasons to loop song or videos?

About Soundcloud

Soundcloud has actually a large repository of free music. Both independent artists and also celebrities use Soundcloud to get their music found online. You can check out audio content by genre (Piano, Pop, Techno, Audiobooks, etc.) and style (Sleep, Workout, Relax, etc.).

Soundcloud is a good way to find Royalty complimentary audio files to hear to, find interesting podcasts and even totally free audio effects. If you space a content creator, you have the right to use Soundcloud come monetize her music. Whether you space a beginner musician or a video clip creator searching for Royalty totally free music, you’ll uncover SoundCloud useful.

As a listener, you have the right to put together Soundcloud playlists come quickly accessibility your favourite songs or share your collections through friends. Furthermore, you deserve to follow your favorite artist to it is in alerted the their recent work.

Soundcloud is a great music content exploration platform: girlfriend can inspect their featured playlists and albums to find new music layouts that are currently trending.

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Takeaways: exactly how to Loop Soundcloud Songs

On desktop, look because that player controls at the an extremely bottom that the screen and click the “Repeat” button to activate itOn a mobile app, insanity player controls at the bottom to open up them and also tap the “Repeat” button
When you use Soundcloud repeat choice on a desktop computer browser, you may have to click double to deactivate it.