Chemtrails Combining With HAARP for Weather Modification For Food Control/ Population Control..... Doomsday Seed Vault. In This Alert I Present out New Information on How You Can Protect Yourself, Your Family, and also Friends from This Evil NWO Genocide Agenda- I Just Gave a Talk About All of This at the Bellingham Food Coop in Bellingham WA. You Can Do the Same Thing Wright here You Live and Assistance Save Lives! Find Out How Below....

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You have the right to view the Patent for the nefarious "invention" of spraying toxic hefty steels on us ostensibly to "proccasion international warming" right here.

It is not possible for anyone to deny the presence of chemtrails when they check out this patent which you deserve to now present to doubting family members, friends and neighbors! The doomsday seed vault presented in the photo over was created by the ruling elite as a storeresidence of heirimpend seeds for their usage as they and Monsanto look for to kill off all of us "usemuch less eaters" as they attempt to cull the humale herd and turn us all into microchipped slaves. Information in this alert directly counters every one of these plans and also helps us all to fight back!!

Last Saturday I showed the documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" around chemtrails,weather manage, food regulate and also population regulate, and also provided a presentation around organic detoxification in an auditorium that is component of the Bellingham Food Coop, which I am a member of. While my talk featured organic sulfur as the many effective substance to use to chelate the toxic heavy steels being sprayed on us to safely remove them from the body, I likewise disputed other techniques for detoxification, weight loss, reversing kind 2 diabetes, and for strengthening our immune systems in the challenge of this New World Order onslaught.
My talk was well obtained, and also in the effort to prepare for it I learned some new things that I wanted to pass on to every one of you, not just about chemtrails, and also around organic detoxification, yet additionally around the countless healing properties of sulfur which impacts glucose metabolism
and also have the right to aid lessen Obesity, cure world of Type 2 diabetes, alleviate the incidence of Alzheimers, and also Cancer while helping us have the power levels we all need without having to drink caffeinated beverages.
Please watch this academic post around the tremendous healing properties of sulfur by Stephanie Seneff from MIT:
Could Sulfur Deficiency be a Contributing Factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer"sand also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
One thing I disputed in my talk was the interconnection in between the UN Agenda 21 blueprint for population regulate, HAARP (a large variety of microwave antennas in Alaska), chemtrails, weather change, and Genetically engineered food.
To totally appreciate what I"m trying to tell you, please watch the documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" You will certainly check out that the astronomical draught presently occurring in the midwestern US is not simply happening by accident, it was planned, and is being executed by evil people that seek to cull the humale herd.
You will certainly watch that it was planned, and also that it has been deliberately led to by a mix of chemtrails, and microwaves emanating from HAARP in Alaska. This merged mechanism is being used for weather manage, and below is why: the draught they"ve induced is driving little farmers out of service in droves.

Gigantic Agribusinesses are then moving in to buy up the land wbelow they"re planting genetically engineered plants making use of Monsanto"s patented aluminum resistant seeds that will certainly germinate despite the very alkalinized soil thats been negatively influenced by all the aluminum being sprayed, ostensibly to "sheight international warming".
You will certainly see that this spraying is actually CAUSING worldwide warming, not preventing it bereason the resulting cloud cover caused by numerous pounds of aeresols being sprayed right into the earth"s environment is trapping heat-- so every one of us are being lied to on a enormous scale by the human being doing this so referred to as "geoengineering."
This is purposely driving food prices a lot better as component of a broader agenda to crash the dollar so they can round us all up and also microchip us. Genetically engineered food is being provided to undermine us all. To fully appreciate the hazard of GE Food, please watch this documentary"Genetic Roulette- The Gamble of Our Lives" around all the damage being led to by Genetically engineered food.GE foods items have been attached through allergies, reproductive difficulties and infertility, birth defects, bizarre mutations, cancer, and also currently an unfigured out mystery organism bring about an epidemic of livestock deaths, “Sudden Death Syndrome”GE foodstuffs trigger immune assault bereason they appear to your body as international invaders rather than food; this immune response can cause chronic inflammation, which in turn raises your danger for multiple additional health and wellness problemsThe two primary types of GE foods items are herbicide-tolerant plants and pesticide-developing crops; both are imprecise procedures that are riddled through unintended consequences, such as hundreds to thousands of hereditary mutations that have unrecognized impacts on human health
Tbelow is a really good short article on Mercola"s website which accompanies this documentary film. Any time you eat popcorn at a theater you are eating genetically engineered corn which is putting a dangerous toxic organism into your digestive tract referred to as "SIBOs" which will certainly raise complete hell via your gut flora, resulting in leaky gut syndrome, negatively impacting your capability to assimilate nutrients from your food!
You can safeguard yourself from the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us from chemtrails by ingesting sulhair water twice a day! Do yourself a favor and authorize up for autoshipping to obtain your sulhair ceded eincredibly month from IAHF.
Do yourself one more favor by joining your regional chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation from which you have the right to learn all about nutrient thick foods items, and also just how to prepare foodstuffs such as homemade saurkraut and kimchi and other lactofermented foodstuffs which can assist you heal and seal your leaky gut. I cured myself of allergies by healing and sealing my leaky gut using herbal probiotics.
By making bone broth I am providing myself through nutrient thick soup from which I obtain all the minerals my body demands to manufacture all the amino acids including glycine. This helps me sleep really well, and also via all the stuff happening in the civilization appropriate currently, it really helps to beat tension by doing this! You deserve to learn to make bone broth from this previous alert I sent.

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Please join me in alerting family, friends, and next-door neighbors to this life saving information! Please forward this alert widely! I will give you a free DVD of the film "Why in the World Are They Spraying" that you deserve to use as a basis for holding a meeting to alert even more people to all this indevelopment if you either sign up for autoshipping for sulfur, or if you order 4 pounds or more. I give a price break at 10 pounds of $32/ lb. payable by means of this paypal connect.
iahf.com to inquire about shipping on 10 lbs or more. I offer additional price breaks over 10 lbs to wellness food stores and alternative practitioners and also human being seeking to produce businesses marketing this sulfur- please speak to if you have actually inquiries at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time, or email me at jham