Trying to wrap my head roughly Asatru, and I'm having difficulty trying to see what scenarios in which one would certainly pray to which god. I check out Thor to be for thunder and also fertility, for this reason if ns needed details weather climate pray to him, and also Odin is associated with healing. I'm having actually a many of an obstacle finding much more on the various other gods, also the main ones detailed in the sidebar FAQ. Any info or a source to find more info would be appreciated.

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That is a very complicated question. Ns will give you my own personal take on it (UPG). There are numerous gods, both huge and small, and also they aren't every honored the same. First, the large gods, the Reginn. As you learn an ext you will uncover that the gods are very complicated. For example, Thor is undoubtedly a god of fertility, but so room Frigg, Freyr, Freyja and Njörðr. There room different areas of fertility, and also so there are various gods for that area, however some of them are gods that fertility in the very same area, just in various ways. Both Thor and Freyr space gods of farming fertility; Thor to represent rain and thunder/lightning (it to be a generally held id that thunder made the corns ripen); Freyr to represent warmth and sunshine.

Odin is a god the healing and so is Eir, however Odin is also a god of death. Here's among those complicated parts- the year is split into 2 parts, the dark fifty percent of the year and also the light fifty percent of the year (the ancients had only 2 seasons: winter and not winter). During the dark half of the year, Odin is the grasp of the wild hunt, and with the exemption of Yuletide, you might not want to lure his attention. During the light fifty percent of the year Odin is amicable come a point.

From mine experience, the is generally believed that the god (the Reginn) need to be worshipped exterior of the home and also within a ritual space. We don't pray favor Christians- alone in a room and also possibly silently- us pray, or a far better term is bid, in ~ a routine space, and also we speak them aloud. It is additionally not exactly to ask because that something without first giving an ideal gift of same measure to what is gift asked for. If you would prefer to know much more of my think on ritualized gifting and also blessings you deserve to read around them here. More often than no we, or I, host blóts just to say thanks to the gods because that what castle have already given, and also I have actually never inquiry them because that anything beyond what they administer according to their wyrd.

I'm guessing the you space an diverted Heathen, so girlfriend will regularly read that it is not ideal for people to do offerings come the Reginn, the is a duty for the entire tribe. I think this is true to a degree, you as an individual questioning for other will more likely than not go unnoticed through the gods. But, if you desire to make offerings in many thanks for what the god have given on instead of of your tribe, 보다 I think the is completely fine and right to do.

Here's another complex part. Frigg has handmaidens the govern particular aspects of residential life within the home. These hearth goddesses, for absence of a much better term, are totally appropriate, in my opinion, to praise as an individual within her home. Yes they are significant goddesses but they space also part of the house cult. Another example would certainly be the tutelary/ancestral gods and also goddesses of the continental Germanics. Yes, they are major gods, but they are also part of her ancestral/regional cult.

On to the small gods: ancestors and house wights. These space the beings you must go to for assistance, and also they are the ones the you will be managing in your day to day life. No, lock can't readjust the weather yet they can give you assistance in do the ideal out of every little thing weather you are given.

Now, about land wights. You will read quite frequently "land wights this" and "land wights that." Personally, ns make a difference between soil wights and also house wights (your house is the whole of your stead, no just four walls and also an oven) . Come me land wights are the outter-yard, the others that dwell past your stead. Some could be benevolent, numerous are malevolent, many are neutral. To this beings i make offerings, however I execute not ask because that there blessings (I don't re-publishing a enjoy the meal or drink through them). This is what's referred to as an appeasement offering. I just hope to maintain their neutrality- ns won't fuck with you, you re welcome don't fuck with me or mine.

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This already seems long and complex so ns won't even get right into the Álfar. I hope you uncover this helpful.