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J DaddyMember
Alex,I offered some foam main point board because that city streets, spent hours cutting it come fit a boulevard double track crossing. Painted it through Polly scale acrylic concrete paint. Looked fantastic. Visited bed, woke up, came down to examine on it and it looked like a heap of potato chips! Ingeniero No1Member DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER

I have painted the foam coreboard v latex and it go not damage the surface, but slightly warped the board. Fortunately, it was for a building base and nearby parking lot, for this reason I was able to glue that down and also make it flat.

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I just learned about a spray repaint - ColorTool by Design Master - i m sorry I think is to plan for vulnerable items (flowers) and it is an alleged to job-related well on the foam main point board. I wonder if anyone in the forum has used it?



leavingtracksOGR Publisher/Partner-Sales Manager DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER you already know, I use foam main point for a lot of my projects and also generally don"t have a problem with it. The granary I developed for you provided foam core. Ns painted it v oil based spray....not water based acrylic. Water based also on the edges, if applied too thickly, will expand the cell in the file coating and then wrinkle.

I covering the edges, once needed, with very thin artist tape and then paint over it. Countless times this ends up simulating the more thickness reinforced concrete corners of particular concrete buildings. Take it a look in ~ the granary and you will see what ns did.

There is a device that will cut a 45 level angle together you cut foam main point which would allow you to joint two wall surface with no edge showing. As much as utilizing foamcore for roof sections, you can constantly cut it to fit within the boundary of the walls on peak of the structure rather than end hanging....this may aid with eliminating having actually to paint the edges of the foam....



Thanks because that the suggestions.

However,as I had said, the structure is finished, therefore foam plank it is. The structure is16" vast x 24" deep x 28" high. Ihave access to the inside to paint it, yet it would certainly not be easy. Also, there space 75 home window cutouts, and also that method 300 edges.

I"ll report back . . .



Burlington RouteMember

Alex, despite slightly off topic in application, but years ago when I supplied fanfold insulation and also pink thick sheets because that wings or cut wing cores on mine park flyers, the repaint I supplied was acrylic based tamiya spray and seemed anything the was solvent based, no matter exactly how thinly applied, would eat the foam to some extent. The foam board your using should have the cardboardlaminate top top it and that will soak increase paint and swell...light coats and also letting them dry completely before the next applicationlight coats all the method thru to end, and also using foam safe paint, must wind up v a nice building.

I was reasoning of do the efforts foam plank for buildings...they won"t crash on too windy a day...guess I might never find too numerous calm days come fly!

M MoonmanMember

I usage a rabbet share on among the two pieces to it is in joined. Ns remove sufficient foam and leave the exterior lamination. Didn"t have a 45 cutter. Leaves a similar edge together the 45. Thanks, Strogey, I"ll be ordering a pair of those.

Thanks for the paintingtips, everyone. Someone"s constantly tried it before


I am an extremely happy come report that the style Master paints work-related GREAT!

Michael"s had some, but not the colors i wanted, so i ordered mine paints from direct Floral, who prices were about $2 much less than Michael"s.

The style Master ColorTool paints are incredible because that this application. They absolutely perform not damage the foam main point board. I sprayed it straight on the edge come test, and not any kind of sign of melt or warping. Painted simply one next of the board, and absolutely no warping in ~ all.

For my project I offered the design Master inside wall No. 645 (Grey) and also after just one coat, finished it off with the design Master ColorTEX No. 862 (Quarry).

WOW! The ColorTEX, i m sorry is a textured finish, covers extremely well. Just one fast pass (spray) and the surface ar is completely covered. Rapid spray the inside corners, and also the ColorTEX build up a nice fillet.

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I will be posting images of the finished project soon, however in the meantime I have actually attached a close-up photo that mirrors the paint finish.