To ‘PM’ someone (or exclusive message) is constantly a vital feature in any type of social networking and communication tool such as Google+. You might have somepoint vital to say to a details person, and you don’t desire to share that story to the circle to wbelow this perboy belongs. You don’t want to point out his/her name on a short article you’ll make, specifically once the sensitive indevelopment is not to be check out by the public. Sfinishing a PM, then, is a ability you need to not miss out on in making use of Google+.

There’re some approaches that you have to try, and also from tbelow you decide what works finest for you.

Method #1:

View someone’s profile and click the “message” little symbol. Here’s an example:

Method #2: (If the msg icon is unavailable)

If the message symbol is not accessible, you can use the sharing feature:

Add your message on the sharebox and also mention the name of the perboy you desire to sfinish your message to. Here’s an instance of me sfinishing a exclusive message to Matt Cutts. Important: make certain you rerelocate the “public” to make certain it’s just visible to the person you’re posting a message to. It should look like this:

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