Super Mario 64 DS is a remake of the classic game super Mario 64 for the portable Nintendo DS console. Unequal the original game, at sight Mario 64 DS enables you to play together three characters besides Mario: Yoshi, Luigi, and also Wario.

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<1> To obtain Mario"s big-boned yellow doppelganger, you"ll must look behind the Wario paint in the mirror room top top the 2nd floor of the castle.


Getting Wario

Make certain you"re playing as Luigi. To acquire Wario, you require to have Luigi unlocked. His capability to turn invisible allows you gain to wherein Wario is hidden.Make certain you"ve beaten Bowser twice. Girlfriend can"t get Wario till you can gain to the 2nd floor the the castle, and you can"t get there till you"ve beaten Bowser a second time. As soon as you loss him, you"ll gain the crucial to the top floors the the castle.<2> The an initial Bowser level is "Bowser in the Dark World." It"s behind the star door top top the main floor of the castle. Take Bowser"s tail and throw him into the bombs at the leaf of the arena to win! The 2nd Bowser level is "Bowser in the Fire Sea." To gain there, you have to need to loss into the feet in the floor in the exact same room together the blue portal to Dire, Dire Docks. When you get the first star in Dire Dire, Docks, the portal will relocate back, which allows you loss into the hole. Be mindful — Bowser has actually learned a teleportation move and also the entire arena will shift from side to side together he jumps around.Go come the 2nd floor the the castle. Native the castle"s former lobby, operation up the stairs and also open the large door through the lock on it. This will certainly lead you straight to the second floor.Go to the winter room. On the second floor, look for a door v a star top top it, however no number. If you"re in the right place, you"ll be in a room through several different paintings and a big mirror ~ above one wall.Get the strength Flower. This power-up is in the mirror room v you. Luigi should now it is in invisible.Walk v the mirror. You need to now be on the various other side of it! This is why you required Luigi — the other personalities can"t get here.Jump right into the Wario portrait. This will take you to a secret area where you have the right to unlock Wario.Complete the level. This level is reasonably short, yet you still should make it come the end to have actually a shot at unlocking Wario. Use the instructions listed below to make it through in one piece:<4> Go under the slide to the reduced platform, climate cross the gap to the following platform. Hop ~ above the moving steel platform. Hop off onto the ledge. Rotate right and go over the gap. You"ll be recorded by a gust that air and lifted up. Land and also cross the 2 platforms to the ice cream pillars. Continue until you with the other side. Climb to the top and also go into the feet to reach the ceo for this level.Defeat the boss. The boss for unlocking Wario is cook Chilly. To beat him, you must knock him right into the water 3 times. Avoid falling into the water yourself — like lava, the will damages you on contact. Once you have actually beaten him, seize the crucial that he drops.Switch to Wario in the character change room. This is the room downstairs whereby you originally switched come Luigi for this challenge. Go into the door with a W over it. You"ll usage the vital you acquired from chef Chilly. Congratulations! You"ve unlocked Wario.

Playing together Wario

Know Wario"s strengths and also weaknesses. Wario is bigger and bulkier than the other characters. All the bulk method that he hits harder 보다 the other characters. Friend may uncover that you"re able to beat adversaries quicker and also knock them back farther 보다 normal. This strength renders him a good choice because that fighting and also breaking points that other personalities can"t.<5> on the various other hand, Wario is less agile 보다 the other characters. He moves slower 보다 the various other characters and doesn"t jump together well, making him a bad selection for exploring new places.Use Wario"s metal power through collecting a strength Flower. Wario"s special capability is to turn fully metal. This renders him very heavy and invincible to enemy attacks. It also makes him sink in water. When he reaches the bottom that a body of water, he"ll be able to walk roughly instead the swimming. For example, you must make Wario metal for star seven of Jolly roger Bay. This allows him to walk under the water and through the jet present so the he can reach the star.Use Wario"s moves to her advantage. Wario has actually a couple of different moves than other characters that compliment his bulk. Knowing exactly how to usage these move is crucial for getting all 150 stars in the game. Check out below:<5> push a to provide a powerful whack. This enables you to break things other players can"t. Girlfriend can likewise use Wario"s ground lb (done the same means as Mario"s) to rest things. Because that instance, you need to do this top top star 7 of Cool, Cool, hill to break the ice cream on the pond for this reason you can reach the star. Come swing an enemy around, press a, turn the D-pad in a circle, and press a again. You"ll waver the enemy about in a circle and let go, sending them. This just works in Vs. Mode.

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Wario is most likely the character you"ll finish up utilizing the least. He"s not an excellent for exploring brand-new levels due to the fact that he"s so slow and also he can"t jump far, so friend may discover that you only switch to him as soon as you require his stamin to get past particular parts.